WRZX-103.3 FM Radio Station

WRZX-103.3 FM
is your radio station in Indianapolis if you like to rock, and rock hard. Known throughout the Indianapolis media as X103 FM, this station has a programming format of modern rock. While the station likes to play loud and in your face music nowadays, this was not always the case. WRZX listeners might be a bit embarrassed to learn how their favorite station used to get down.

On May 15, 1964 103.3 FM started broadcasting as a country music station, they later changed to a Top-40 format. Then the really dark days hit. In the late 80’s, under the call sign WXTZ-FM, 103.3 on the radio dial broadcast what is known as beautiful music, a nice way of saying elevator music. While WRZX-103.3 FM has nothing against this genre, they just don’t believe that music is music if you are tapping your toes to the beat. For them music makes you jump into things, head bang and it should be played at a volume that makes your ears bleed.

With a quick stint as a classic rock station, after the pan flute era, WRZX realigned their planets on August 21, 1992 when they started playing music for those who like to rock. This station does not only play the songs from the bands that are famous throughout the world, they are also a great avenue for up and coming bands to be heard. X103 FM has a page on their website named Indy X-Files and is an awesome place to hear some of the best local music in Indianapolis.

Like most other radio stations, WRZX-103.3 FM offer contests to win tickets to all the best sold out shows in and around downtown Indianapolis. From the major stadium tours that fill up Conseco Fieldhouse, Locus Oil Stadium and The Murat Theatre, to the smaller more intimate shows that play to packed houses in some of the best Indianapolis bars. WRZX is a great source for learning about all kinds of Indianapolis events taking place year round.

Among all the great shows that X103 FM presents and publicizes, two in particular stand out and are considered major attractions in Indianapolis. The notorious party that takes place on Carb Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wouldn’t be complete without a WRZX stage filled with live local and national music acts. While it is only one of the many fan friendly fun filled days leading up to the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500), it almost always has the best turnout.

Then there is the grand daddy of them all, X-Fest, which is held at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. X-Fest is a music festival that has a few stages going at one time, and has always been a great way for a hard rock music lover to spend a day in Indy. The Verizon Center has played home to this event for over a decade now and won’t stop until there is no more audience for loud rock music, something the fans of 103.3 FM will make sure never happens.

WRZX-103.3 FM
6161 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46220

To learn more about X-Fest and other great concerts presented by X103, check out their website today.