Christ Church Cathedral: Breathtaking Architecture, Benevolent Purpose

Though Indianapolis has a great number of attractions, entertainment venues, and a thriving art scene, it is also the home of a great deal of Indianapolis history. Christ Church Cathedral, one of the oldest buildings in Indiana, is a fantastic example of Indianapolis culture.

Located on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, near Circle Center Mall, University Park, and just down the street from Indiana University – Purdue University (IUPUI) and Lucas Oil Stadium, Christ Church Cathedral is the oldest religious building still used for regular worship and ceremonies.

In addition, it’s the oldest building on Monument Circle, even older than the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument! Founded nearly 175 years ago, the current building was finished in 1857, and the most recent renovation was completed in 2000.

Christ-Cathedral-Downtown-Indianapolis-IndianaInducted into the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, a visit to Christ Church Cathedral is a great Indianapolis thing to do, no matter what your religious beliefs. The building may seem dwarfed by the enormous office buildings surrounding Monument Circle, but the view from inside the Cathedral is just as awe-inspiring as the bustle of downtown Indianapolis.

In concordance with the 13th Century Gothic style, the sanctuary is outfitted with high arched ceilings held up by an array of sweeping supports. The walls are adorned with ornate stained-glass windows that are masterworks of the craft. Appropriate to the grandeur of the architecture, Christ Church Cathedral also features an enormous positive organ whose swelling chords fill the entire sanctuary.

Christ Church Cathedral offers walking tours through the building. It’s a wonderful treat to have a knowledgeable tour guide demonstrate the architectural and historical heritage of the building, in addition to explaining the current mission of the Church. These tours are free and take place every weekend.

Video of Indiana senator Richard Lugar supporting the annual Strawberry Festival at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis


Christ Church Cathedral is not all about church services, however. The parish sponsors a number of interesting Indianapolis events, like the Choral Masterworks series, an Indianapolis music event which presents the work of Indianapolis musical organizations such as the University of Indianapolis Concert Choir, and the Strawberry Festival, which served roughly 18,000 strawberry shortcakes and six tons of strawberries to Indianapolis residents last year.

All in all, whether you are a churchgoer or a connoisseur of Indianapolis attractions, Christ Church Cathedral is a historic part of the United States that cannot be missed.

For more information on upcoming services, events, and guided tours, please visit the Christ Church Cathedral homepage.

Christ Church Cathedral
125 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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