Indiana State Capitol Building

If Indianapolis is the heart of Indiana, then what is the heart of Indianapolis? The answer is the Indiana State Capitol Building, right in the midst of downtown Indianapolis.

The Capitol Building is on Washington Street in sight of Monument Circle, near Lucas Oil Stadium, IUPUI, and the Circle Center Mall. It is the seat of Indiana politics, housing representatives from all three branches of Indiana government. The governor’s office, the Indiana General Assembly, the Court of Appeals, and the State Supreme Court all make their home in the Indiana State Capitol Building.

View of the Capitol Building from The Eagle's Nest downtownThe Capitol Building is a wonderful piece of Indianapolis culture. It was built in 1888 and has been in service ever since then. The building is a great reminder of Indianapolis’ history, with a mural in the House of Representatives depicting scenes of Indiana life over the years.

The Capitol Building is an excellent place to bring Indianapolis kids, adults, or anybody interested in great architecture and Indiana politics. The building is made almost entirely of sleek Indiana limestone. Built in the Rennaissance style, the national Capitol building was used as an influence in our State Capitol’s construction.

Inside the Capitol Building, you’ll delight in the thick granite columns, the shining marble of the floor, and the mural in the House of Representatives, an ode to Indianapolis art. In particular, the Indiana State Capitol Building rotunda is a great location for weddings and other events. During regular hours, it is used for meetings with representatives, receptions, ceremonies, and rallies.

Indiana-State_Capital-BuildingThe rotunda features a magnificent stained glass dome. The dome is intricately designed, featuring a flowering pattern in yellow, orange, green, and blue bursting out of the center, surrounded by a plane of sky blue.

If you’re looking for things to do in Indianapolis, consider scheduling a tour at the Indiana State Capitol Building. There are three tours available for the general public. The Welcome Tour is a simple introduction to the building, after which visitors are free to roam the grounds at their own leisure, except they do not get access to the offices of the representatives. The Express Tour is longer than the Welcome Tour, and is designed to guide visitors around important parts of the building, such as the Supreme Court. The State House Tour is the longest tour, taking an hour and a half. It is intended for large groups, and is the most thorough of the three tours. Visitors may even get to visit the Supreme Court Chambers, if the Court is not in session.

The Indiana State Capitol Building is quite possibly the most important building in Indianapolis, which makes it a fantastic Indianapolis attraction, bringing in thousands of visitors each year.

For more information on the Indiana State Capitol Building, including a detailed history, please visit the IDOA State House and Government Center homepage.

A view of the State Capitol Building from Monument CircleA view of the State Capitol Building from Monument Circle

Aerial view of the State Capitol, Indianapolis, IndianaAerial view of the State Capitol, Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana State Capitol Building
100 N Senate Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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