Area 31 Career Center: Indianapolis Jobs Made Easy

The Area 31 Career Center in Indianapolis creates wonderful opportunities for young people in Indianapolis and the surrounding townships. Regardless of your interests, you can find practical training in a variety of areas at the Area 31 Career Center. This program offers great supplemental classes for Indianapolis schools and a practical alternative to attending college.

Have you ever had a difficult time finding employment in Indianapolis? Does your day job just not cut it anymore? Do you want to further your education, but keep out of debt? Looking for a chance to reinvent your self and your career? The Area 31 Career Center might be just the thing you are looking for. To unlock the secrets of employment in Indianapolis and find that perfect job, consider enrolling in one of their many many classes.

The Area 31 Career Center’s main offices are located at Ben Davis high school and their main partnership is with Wayne Township Schools. However, this opportunity mill partners with many Indianapolis township schools. With training available in Avon, Brownsburg, Cascade, Danville, Decatur Center, Monrovia, Mooresville, Plainfield, Speedway, and Tri-West, the Area 31 Career Center is changing lives preparing people for employment across the Hoosier state.


The Area 31 Career Center offers job training in seven different area. Each area was specifically chosen with helping students learn how to apply skills practically in the job market. Enrolled participants finish their courses with valuable skills that will surely help them secure a future in the job market of their choosing.

Area 31 Career Center Categories:

Business and Information Technologies
The classes offered in this category cover all the skills you will need to succeed with any office’s Information Technologies team. In these classes you will gain a solid understanding of employment career opportunities and experience working in the real world.

  • Business Co-Op
  • Business Technology Lab
  • CISCO Networking Academy
  • Computer Repair and Networking
  • Interactive Media
  • Marketing Co-Op
  • Web Page Design

These classes give students the skills necessary to becoming a valuable member of the world of journalism.

  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Television Broadcasting
  • Printing

Construction work can be one of the most financially satisfying careers, to find out how you can get in on the ground floor check out these courses.

  • Building Trades
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Heating and Air
  • Landscape Management
  • Machine Tool Technologies

Education and Training
There is nothing more thrilling than teaching others. Find out how to put your helpful heart to work in these stellar classes and on the job.

  • Cadet Coaching Co-op
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Pre Occupations

Health Science and Human Service
But that creative brain to the test as you learn about various customer service employment opportunities.

  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Services
  • Dental Assisting
  • Health Occupations
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Medical Assisting

Law and Public Safety
If you feel a calling for public services, these classes are right for you. Find the hero within at your new job.

  • Fire Science Academy
  • Law Enforcement

Transportation Distribution and Logistics
If you’ve got a knack for machines, see how far you can go working on some of the most intricate vehicles around. These jobs will thrill you.

  • Automotive Service
  • Aviation Flight
  • Aviation Management
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Collision Repair
  • Tractor Trailer Driving


In addition to filling the needs and interests of many Indianapolis kids just trying to make it in the world, the Area 31 Career Center offers a great support system for all of its students. Area 31 Career Center employs Career Pathway Specialists, whose focus is on helping students succeed in the real world by finding employment. In addition to a variety of classes with a focus on practical tangible experience, these Career Specialist help students make the transition to the real world. Put their highly evolved job placement program to work for you.

Area 31 Career Center
1200 N Girls School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46214