Marine Mammals Collection in the Oceans Biome

The Indianapolis Zoo Marine Mammals collection is situated around the exit area of the Zoo’s Oceans Biome building, allowing guests to witness all the action in the collection from inside the biome building. In this way, Indianapolis Zoo visitors have the opportunity to see marine mammals such as the California sea lion and the polar bears both under the water and above ground.

Some crowd pleasers in the Marine Mammal area of the Indy Zoo include bottlenose dolphins, walruses, gray seals, harbor seals, California sea lions and, of course, the snowy polar bears. The Zoo is proud to be one of the only zoos in North America that houses Pacific walruses.

Three great Zoo highlights are the Dolphin In-Water Adventure, the Marsh Dolphin Theater and the Underwater Dolphin Dome, all starring the Zoo’s friendliest marine mammals. The Dolphin Pavilion contains four pools with millions of gallons of thoroughly controlled saltwater, and is crowned by an enormous dome of skylights that let the sun in. It offers a view from beneath of the dolphins swimming in the turquoise water high above the visitors’ heads, as well as a performance pool. This Indianapolis attraction is sure to make Indianapolis kids squeal with delight.

A home video of a dolphin show at the Indianapolis Zoo’s Marine Mammals collection in Indianapolis


Up above the surface is the second largest enclosed and environmentally monitored dolphin arena in the nation, the Marsh Dolphin Theater. This is a spectacular indoor theater reminiscent of a Disneyland ride; it contains a huge pool where the dolphins perform, and near-to-life sized structures resembling an authentic coastal village.

The Dolphin In-Water Adventure allows zoo visitors to get in the water and make friends with these wonderful creatures. The Zoo’s dolphins love people and love to be loved by them. This is one of the main focal points for connecting people and creatures in the Indianapolis Zoo.

The Indy Zoo will open its Dolphin Adventure Gallery to groups for special occasions. All such special events are custom-priced according the required time and the number of guests.

The Marine Mammals collection isn’t the only unique exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. There are three such exhibits: the Encounters Biome, the Forest Biome, the Oceans Biome, and the Plains Biome. Visit them all to get the full Indianapolis Zoo experience!

For more information on the Indianapolis Zoo Marine Mammals collection, please visit the zoo’s homepage.

The Indianapolis Zoo
1200 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46222

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