WBRI-1500 AM Radio Station

WBRI-1500 AM is a radio station with a higher purpose. They feel it is their duty to spread the word of the Lord throughout Indianapolis. WBRI only broadcasts during the daytime, but there is enough beauty and worship in those twelve hours of programming to strengthen your relationship with the All Mighty One. Even though 1500 AM does not offer the same 24 hours a day of broadcasting that other radio stations in the Indianapolis media offer, they have a more devoted following than all other frequencies combined.

The station first took to the airways in 1961 under the call sign WNDY. It did not take long for the station to find their true calling, for in 1963 the call letters were changed to the present day WBRI-1500 AM. Wanting the listening public to know from the start what 1500 AM was all about, the station’s call letters were carefully selected and stand for Wonderful Bible Radio for Indiana. With both their name and message in place it was time for the station to spread the good word.

In March of 2003 Radio One Communications sold the station to current owners Wilkins Communications Network. Since it was already a Christian formatted station not much changed except the letterhead. The new ownership did add a bit of a new look to 1500AM when they attached the slogan “Radio that changes the way you live” to the end of their call letters.

While this is a catchy slogan, it truly represents the tenets of WBRI-1500AM. Not only will you hear radio shows that testify to the power of the Lord, your brothers and sister in Christ who are hosting the shows will tell you about upcoming events in Indianapolis where you can help spread His message. Not only does WBRI look to educate their listeners, they hope to inspire the audience to get out and help better the culture in Indianapolis through their actions.

No matter if you have been a devoted follower your entire life or you are just looking for a little bit of guidance, tune in and let WBRI’s message lift your spirit. 1500AM promises to walk side by side with you as your soul grows. With an open heart and an open mind let today be the first day of the rest of your life.

WBRI 1500 AM
4802 E 62nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46220

To see how Wilkins Communications Network spreads The Lords message through radio, visit their website today.