Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre: Ballet, Modern Dance, and More

One of the staples of the Indianapolis performing arts community, the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is a professional dance company that performs an unbelievable number of thought-provoking pieces throughout Indianapolis and the Indianapolis area. Around Indianapolis, many of their performances are held in the Pike Performing Arts Center. In addition, they have performed in Europe, Asia, and New York.

The Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre has over 100 different performance pieces that they have showcased over the years. These performances include full length contemporary ballets like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, short international dance pieces like Abu Al Az and Baba Tambo, modern dance pieces like The Birth of the Gods, and many more. The theatre is primarily a modern dance theatre, but they are also skilled in a great range of styles, like ballet and jazz dance. This professional company is one of the great assets of the Indianapolis art community.

Video dance performance at the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana


The company’s shows generally focus on social issues like human rights and equality. They strive to spread the beauty of other cultures, in addition to other historical and political themes. Most of their performances are designed to make the audience think as well as provide entertainment using the international language of dance. However, they do offer several light hearted entertainment pieces that are solely for the audience’s enjoyment. This combination of social awareness and top-tier dancing makes a show put on by the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre one of many thought-provoking things to do in Indianapolis.

The Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre was founded by Gregory Hancock, who remains the artistic director of the theatre. He has won numerous Indianapolis and national awards, including a Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Lilly Endowment Fund and a fellowship from New York’s Citizen Exchange Council. Mr. Hancock is the creator of all the choreography for his company, giving each show a personal touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to showcasing the talents of some of Indianapolis’ best dancers, the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre also promotes Indianapolis education through a variety of youth programs and productions. The dance theatre is invested in the future of Indianapolis dance, and seeks to promote youth opportunities whenever possible.

Every year around Christmas, the company puts on a production of The Nutcracker that features more than 100 young dancers of a variety of ages. No dancer on the stage is over 20 years old, and you’ll be amazed by their skill. This performance utilizes traditional music from around the world, and is a great show to bring Indianapolis kids to during the holidays.

The Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre also supports two youth dance companies: the Pre-Professional Student Company and G2. The Pre-Professional Student Company is for students between the ages of 13 and 19. This company offers training in several different dance styles like modern dance and ballet. Dancers from this company appear as extras in the professional company’s productions. In addition, they learn choreography designed specifically for them, and they put on their own show once a year.

G2 is the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre‘s second pre-professional company. This group is more selective than the Pre-Professional Student Company and also receives extensive training. They appear more frequently in professional productions, and put on their own show every May.

In addition to the two companies, the dance theatre offers a Summer Dance Academy for beginning dancers in July. The academy is an Indianapolis dance school where students are taught the tenets of Indian dancing, jazz dance, modern dance, and many others by Gregory Hancock and other talented faculty. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your children to the world of dance.

All in all, the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is a credit to Indianapolis art. This professional dance company has proven itself over and over again with hundreds of performance art pieces performed around the world, and their investment in the young dancers of Indianapolis should help sustain the growth of Indianapolis culture for years to come.

For more information on the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, including show times and ticket cost, please visit their homepage.

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