Broad Ripple High School: A Tradition of Excellence

Broad Ripple High School is one of the most prominent schools in the Indianapolis area, and not just because of its most famous graduate. Although David Letterman is a proud recipient of a four-year degree from Broad Ripple High School, the high quality of education and arts also give this school its landmark status on the north side of Indy.

As one of the most famous people from Indianapolis, David Letterman is one of only several other well-known graduates of Broad Ripple High School. Across the state, several successful Indianapolis business people and entrepreneurs earned their degrees at this well-known public school. The mission of the school is for students to experience success and receive the appropriate preparation to to become productive and responsive citizens.

Arbor at Broad Ripple High SchoolThe BRHS stands for more than just Broad Ripple High School; to the school and community, it represents Broader, Richer Human Service. In 1986, Broad Ripple celebrated an impressive 101 years of educating students from this buzzing Indianapolis cultural district. Broad Ripple High School prides itself on its diverse student population, which continues to make the school what it is today.

While education is the most important component of Broad Ripple High School, the staff also puts a heavy emphasis on the arts and humanities. The arts in Indianapolis are important to the people of the Circle City, and Broad Ripple is no exception. This quirky, trendy area celebrates the rich, varied backgrounds of its inhabitants and strives to bring out the uniqueness in every student and individual.

Courtyard and street at Broad Ripple High SchoolThe world of art is an important part of Indianapolis history, and Broad Ripple history as well. The Indianapolis Art Center sits in the heart of the district and is home to the Broad Ripple Art Fair, one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the spring here in Indianapolis. Over 250,000 visitors flock to this Indianapolis attraction each year to browse and purchase the unique, high-quality crafts and gifts. Broad Ripple High School appreciated the rich tradition of the arts in the area and incorporates that into their diverse curriculum.

Crawling plants at Broad Ripple High SchoolIn 1976, the Center for Performing and Visual Arts was created specifically for students with a passion for dance, theater, music, and art at Broad Ripple High School. Two years later, the Center for Humanities was born, becoming the second magnet program for students interested in more than the typical high school degree. These magnet programs have made a significant impact throughout the years.

Admission to the magnet programs is by application only, and in some instances, auditions are part of the process. The intricate and unique programs are worth the rigorous admissions process; it’s a program students won’t find anywhere else. For instance, if you enroll your teenager in the dance curriculum, you can expect them to come home eager to perform the new classical ballet, modern jazz, and even injury prevention techniques they’ve learned.

Mural at Broad Ripple High SchoolThose educated through the magnet programs at Broad Ripple High School can look forward to an excellent college placement rate: over 95% of these students go on to colleges all over the world to continue studying their selected craft. The Broad Ripple High School graduating class of 2001 received a collective total of over $2 million in college scholarships, which is a solid representation of what the graduating class receives each year.

Sports are another part of the school’s overall mission. In order to send graduates off into the Hoosier state and beyond with a solid education and the tools to become success stories in an ever-changing world, the staff recognizes the need for a diverse educational background. A wide variety of men’s and women’s teams consistently deliver excellence all year round at Broad Ripple High School. Graduates of this school can look forward to a solid future of comprehensive and far-reaching success in the Indianapolis community and beyond.

Another view of the arbor at Broad Ripple High SchoolAnother view of the arbor at Broad Ripple High School

Bench at Broad Ripple High SchoolBench at Broad Ripple High School

Sign and courtyard at Broad Ripple High SchoolSign and courtyard at Broad Ripple High School

Entrance to Broad Ripple High SchoolEntrance to Broad Ripple High School

Statue at Broad Ripple High SchoolStatue at Broad Ripple High School

Tree decoration at Broad Ripple High SchoolTree decoration at Broad Ripple High School

Broad Ripple High School
1115 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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