Celebrate the Arts in Indy at the Indianapolis International Film Festival

Indianapolis prides itself on a number of fun and engaging cultural events throughout the year, and the Indianapolis International Film Festival is one of the most highly regarded by locals. Taking place in late July, the festival is held over a ten-day period of time at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and aims to expand on the ever-growing cultural climate of Indianapolis. You may have heard of the festival before; one of its main claims to fame is the screening that took place at the festival in 2005 of the Oscar-nominated documentary Murderball.

With the mission to present films that inspire, educate and enlighten the Indianapolis community, the Indianapolis International Film Festival has found great success in the Circle City over the past half decade.

The Indianapolis International Film Festival was founded in 2004 as a three-day celebration of the film community in Indianapolis. Since then, it has grown exponentially each year, expanding to including bigger names and more interesting films each year. The first festival in 2004 was located at United Artist Theater at Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis downtown. This flagship event featured several Midwestern premieres and had a surprisingly high turn out. 2,400 people saw twenty-four films on two screens in three days.

In the years that followed, the festival grew so much that one theater could not host the event on its own. People of Indianapolis traveled all over the city from the Northside near Carmel, Indiana, where they could see great stuff at the Keystone Art Cinema inside the Fashion Mall at Keystone Crossing, to the heart of downtown at the now closed Hollywood Bar and Filmworks.

In its short life so far, the Indianapolis International Film Festival has featured fifteen Academy Award nominated films in several different categories including Best Actress, Best Documentary, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Film. The notoriety of this Indianapolis festival has reached past the borders of the Hoosier State and across the Midwest, as it continues to grow to be the largest international film festival in this part of the United States.

Now it is an eleven day blockbuster event in the middle of Summer, attracting patrons from dozens of central Indiana cities. Attendees have their pick of more than 130 films from 40 nations to be viewed at one convenient location to serve all of Indy. The Indianapolis Museum of Art will serve as host to this infamous event from July 15 to July 25. The International Film Festival is by far one of the most fun things to do in the city.

This Indianapolis nonprofit organization relies on the support of patrons of the arts for financial backing as well as man power. The Indianapolis International Film Festival is constantly looking for volunteers to help make their annual event run as smoothly as possible. Working for this renowned international film festival is a great opportunity for Indianapolis kids to build their resumes and be exposed to ideas from around the world.

The Indianapolis International Film Festival receives support from Fifth-Thirds Bank, Film Indiana, and Air Tran. The festival partners with Holiday Inn, Melody Inn, and others to make this a fantastic and fun festival.

To find out how you can lend a helping hand to this years festival, or to purchase tickets and see a complete schedule of the 2009 festival offerings visit the Indianapolis International Film Festival’s website!

Indianapolis International Film Festival
719 1/2 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204