The Orchard School

Indianapolis has always been a progressive, innovative place to raise a child. Now more than ever there are a surplus of excellent schools in the Indy community. The Orchard School, located on West 64th Street, is an outstanding example. This independent, non-sectarian school is only for students in pre-school through eighth grade, and dates all the way back to 1922.

The Orchard School was founded by nine women who wanted to make a difference for children. Instead of merely sending their kids to the nearest public school, this innovative group decided to start their own organization where children could receive a well-rounded education. This education included not only the traditional math, science and English courses, but music, art, drama, and even ballet as well. This curriculum set the Orchard School apart from other Indianapolis education institutions at the time, and continues to do so today.


While other Indianapolis schools are perfectly capable of providing Indianapolis children with a solid education, most cannot offer the diverse courses and teaching methods of the Orchard School. The School uses a mix of field trips, local  speakers, and community resources to reach the children in a unique and refreshing way. For instance, one field trip for fourth graders consists of listening to a retelling of Abraham Lincoln’s story while sitting in a log cabin with a campfire blazing. This way, the children can relate to the subject matter in an interesting way. This is just one of the many field trips the school offers that set it apart from other schools in the Circle City.

The Orchard School also offers an extended program, which consists of before and after school and summer opportunities.  The program is called Kids Connect, and an average of 150 students participate daily. Art, music, karate, drama, and gymnastics are just a few of the many subjects taught during these before and after school programs and summer camps. Kids Connect summer programs literally have something for every child, from a gymnastics and fencing class to a writing class led by professional author Julie Wallman.

The Orchard School has a history of educating Indy kids with not only books and lectures, but imagination and true excitement. So the next time you’re wondering if your child’s public school is enough, Indianapolis parents, you can take action by calling the Orchard School today. You can find out more by visiting the Orchard School website.

The Orchard School
615 W 64th St
Indianapolis, IN46260