Clarian Health Partners: An Indianapolis Hospital Megapower

Formed in 1997, Clarian Health Partners is one of the largest and most highly regarded hospital systems in the nation. Three Indianapolis health mega powers joined to form the group. Methodist Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University Hospital make up Clarian. Together, the organization has one of the only Level I Trauma centers in the state, one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation and a nationally ranked medical research facility, all located in Indianapolis. Each year, Clarian reaches more than 1.6 million patients.

This short video clip explains Clarian Health Partners’ longstanding focus on research, education and clinical health care in Indianapolis.

Clarian North Medical Center from a distanceClarian North Medical Center from a distance

In the same year Clarian Health Partners formed, each collaborating hospital was ranked on of the best hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report. The organization is continually recognized for excellence in medicine. In the 2003 Top Doctors ranking, 37 of 47 Hoosier physicians recognized were Clarian employees.

Many medical breakthroughs and firsts have happened in Clarian Hospitals, including Indiana’s first heart, bone marrow, liver and kidney transplants. Clarian’s mission is “to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, eduation, research and service.” Clarian Health professionals and staff focus on each patient’s total care, including mind, body and spirit.

Clarian is perhaps best know for cardiovascular care. The Clarian Cardiovascular Center opened in 2001.

In order to combat the traffic in downtown Indianapolis, Clarian built the Clarian People Mover in the city that transports visitors, staff and patients between the hospitals that are clustered downtown.

Methodist Hospital is one of Indiana’s oldest hospitals, opening in 1908 as a missionary hospital. At the time of Methodist’s opening, only three other hospitals existed in Indianapolis – Wishard Memorial Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital and Deaconess Hospital. The trauma center at Methodist assists more than 100,000 patients annually. This hospital has also been serving Indianapolis sports and athletes with its Thomas A. Brady Sports Medicine Center.

Riley Hospital for Children has been caring for Indianapolis kids for nearly a century. Riley is Indiana’s only comprehensive pediatric hospital. This hospital specializes in pediatric cancer, cardiovascular health, autism and sleep disorders. Riley Hospital for children cares for newborns, infants, children and adolescents.

Through Clarian’s relationship with Indiana University Hospital and the Indiana University School of Medicine, thousands of medical professionals are trained each year with the highest standards of Indianapolis education. Having clinical research facilities within the organization allows Clarian Health Partners to move new treatment possibilities very quickly from the laboratory to the patient. This ensures that Clarian patients are getting the most advanced medical care possible.

Together, this mega hospital organization has more reasearch advancement and purchasing power than any of the competition. Being a patient at a Clarian facility means being cared for by one of the largest and most collaborative hospitals in the nation. Merging research, traditional excellence and children’s health, Clarian Health Partners is prepared to handle any emergency or medical issue.


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