Indiana University National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health in Indianapolis

Indiana University’s National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health is a great asset to Indianapolis health; it leads the way in innovative medical technology. In 1997, Indiana State University was recognized on the federal level as one of the premiere medical schools in the nation. Because of this Indiana college’s national reputation, they received a grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to open a Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. In this way, Indiana University is at the forefront of medical developments in America.

Each national center is located on an academic medical campus. Though the center carries the name of Indiana University, it is located on its Indianapolis Campus at Indiana University Purdue University (IUPUI). The reputation of the medical school at IUPUI is unparalleled. It truly is one of the finest educational institutions in Indiana.

As a result of the grant for their National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, Indiana University also received support to become one of eleven Center of Excellence Ambassadors of Change. The noble men and women working and studying on the IUPUI campus have agreed to hold themselves to a higher standard as they work towards achieving the following goals:

  1. Create and/ or enhance a strong foundation that outlines a wide variety of health services for women.
  2. Train a community of excellent health care professionals that align community health workers with professionals.
  3. Promote female leadership roles within both sectors of the above community and in women and girls in the community as a whole
  4. Increase and improve public education and outreach for women and girls that is “gender specific and age appropriate.” This covers illness and injury prevention, treatment options, and how to modify behavior for a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Participate in national assessments for the Centers of Excellence around the country.
  6. Commit to community based or clinical research for women’s health.
  7. Offer information and mentorship to other similar programs in the local area.

The National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at Indiana University reveals a deep sensitivity to the growing need for health care focused specifically on the needs of women. Though national funding has stopped since their opening, the work they do is so valued by the community at Bloomington, by Indy and in other central Indiana cities, they have continued to thrive over the past decade.

They have partnered with many Indianapolis health institutes such as Wishard Memorial Hospital and other local Indianapolis health organizations. Though they do so much for the community, it is also important to note the work being done on a national level.

With centers in Boston, San Francisco, Providence, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Madison, Tucson, San Juan, and many many more cities, the information being shared is virtually endless. This network of organizations has made some of the most impressive breakthroughs in women’s health ever. A true testament to the importance of the work they do.

For more information on how you can support the work of these fine doctors and dedicated community health care professionals, visit the national website here. Or for information specific to the Indiana Univeristy National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health check out their website here! Support the work of this good hearted organization for the love of mothers, sisters, and daughters everywhere!

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