Indianapolis Brass Choir: Indianapolis’ Best Music Ensemble

Indianapolis Brass Choir is a volunteer music ensemble of professional and nonprofessional musicians, who play together to raise money for charities. Their name really says it all; each musician specializes in a different brass instrument. With the hottest horns, triumphant sounding tubas, trumpets that contribute soul, trombones that create mood, and even euphoniums that will put you in euphoria, the Indianapolis Brass Choir is a respected ensemble in the Indianapolis music scene.

The Indianapolis Brass Choir was founded in 1987 by a man named Delbert Dale. Dale had a vision to bring together a music ensemble of the most talented brass musicians in Indianapolis and the surrounding metro-Indianapolis cities and towns. The members of the choir are gifted professional, who play with high caliber orchestras such as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.

Joining these professionals as a regular and valued part of the music ensemble are serious musical amateurs and even some of the brightest Indianapolis high school and Indiana college level musicians. The Indianapolis Brass Choir gives equal opportunity to Indianapolis kids and members of the Indianapolis community. If you are hot, they do not deny it and welcome you to perform with the best.

The group rehearses weekly and performs ten to twelve times per year. Recently the music ensemble has been heard at the Indiana State Music Convention, the International Trumpet Guild Convention, and the Great American Brass Band Festival. They have also brought the sound of brass music to places around Indy such as the Indianapolis Artsgarden, Clowes Memorial Hall, Monument Circle, the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Market Square Arena, and Warren Central Performing Arts Center.

The Indianapolis Brass Choir makes itself available all over the city stopping in at churches and other organizations for concerts here and there. This music ensemble also plays at various Indianapolis fairs and festivals.

The Indianapolis Brass Choir is dedicated to expanding musical education in Indianapolis schools as well as across the Indianapolis education system. They provide a safe space for young and old musicians alike to come together and share technique, new concert arrangements, and to form new ensembles. Members firmly believe that the more you play the better you are, and the work of this music ensemble is a testament to growth in young musicians.

On top of all of this, the Indianapolis Brass Choir is an Indianapolis nonprofit organization that donates all of the proceeds from its concerts to innumerable charity organizations. Some of their favorite charities to donate to are UNICEF, Indiana Cares, the Boy Scouts of America, Plainfield Churches Christian Support Center, and the list goes on and on.

This music ensemble is one of the most harmonious Indianapolis performing arts groups in the Circle City. To catch the Indianapolis Brass Choir in performance or to learn more about how you can help them succeed, visit their website. And the next time you hear a trumpet sounding taps, remember brass is best!

Indianapolis Brass Choir
Terri Ewigleben, Administrative Director
9 Cottongrass Court
Brownsburg, IN 46112