Arts Council of Indianapolis: The Beating Heart of Indianapolis Art

Providing access to Indianapolis art is what the Arts Council of Indianapolis stands for.  Their mission is “to advance and promote the arts through funding, advocacy, business, artistic and technical assistance, public and private support, and technology.” The council developed four strategic areas of focus to uphold their mission, which include Advocacy, Support for Artists and Arts Organizations, Audience Development and Organizational Excellence.

The council was founded in 1987, and has since become an integral part of Indianapolis culture. Its original function was to oversee the financial operations and grants of the Indianapolis art community. Aside from financial grants, today the Arts Council provides legal, technical, marketing and business related services to Hoosier artists and Indianapolis art organizations. An example of one Art Council service is the Indy artist online database, which features more than 600 local artist profiles.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis owns and operates the Artsgarden, a beautiful seven story art venue located in Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis. More than 300 free events and art exhibits are held there every year.

In 2004, the Arts Council began their “Public Art Indianapolis” program, which focuses on getting art out of galleries and museums and into the community and public sphere. The program maps out pieces of artwork located throughout the city, including statues, monuments, sculptures, paintings and other artistic landmarks. The Arts Council sponsors several efforts of the Indianapolis Art Center, most recently the Artspark, located in the Broad Ripple Village. They also help fund art education programs and art-related events for Indianapolis kids.

Offering services for artists and art consumers, the Arts Council of Indianapolis features one of the city’s most extensive calendars of Indianapolis events. They support several artistic disciplines, including Indianapolis music, spoken word, storytelling, visual arts, dance, Indianapolis theater and many more. Indianapolis would be a decidedly less beautiful without the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

For more information on the Arts Council, please visit the organization’s homepage.

Arts Council of Indianapolis
20 N Meridian St, Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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