Nationalities Council of Indiana: An International Indianapolis

The Nationalities Council of Indiana, in Indianapolis, is dedicated to celebrating the cities diversity by connecting international groups across the state. The Nationalities Council of Indiana is made up of more than fifty corporations, national affinity organization, other groups and individuals across the Hoosier state. They come together in different forums throughout the year to make the diverse population of Indianapolis and other central Indiana cities present in Indianapolis society.

The Nationalities Council of Indiana’s cornerstone event, the International Festival, occurs annually on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. At this Indianapolis event, different ethic and international groups from across the state feature their unique heritage at different booths, through performances, and with a wide variety of different foods each with its own international flavor.

On top of this wonderful introduction to a multitude of different cultures in Indiana, the Nationalities Council of Indiana also keeps a comprehensive calendar of other Indianapolis fairs and festivals with international ties. For the most up to date information on international celebrations that range from World Refugee Day in Indy to the Italian Festival, to the goings on of the Indiana German Heritage Society check out their blog.

On the website for the Nationalities Council of Indiana, they also have the largest list of information about international  groups, Indianapolis restaurants that offer a variety of international fares, and international markets in the area. Most of these Indianapolis businesses and groups are members of the Nationalities Council of Indiana plus a few more like the Rotary Club of Indianapolis, the Atheneum Foundation, and the American Turkish Association of Indiana.

In addition the Nationalities Council of Indiana publishes a monthly newsletter entitled The Ethnic Hoosier. Their dedication to twelve publications each year has set them apart from many other organizations in Indy. Also, their website offers links to literally hundreds of multicultural and international organizations in the Circle City including different groups at Ball State University, Butler University, Depauw University, and other Indiana colleges.

The Nationalities Council of Indiana is a nonprofit organization in Indianapolis. They depend on the hard work and dedication of its volunteers to make their educational programs some of the best in the Circle City. For Indianapolis kids and adults alike, who have an interest in other cultures and want to find volunteer opportunities, the Nationalities Council of Indiana is one of the best organizations to work for. Consider contacting them for more information about how you and your family can get involved doing good for the community while at the same time broadening your horizons.

The Nationalities Council of Indiana is focused on adding flavor to this city. By arming Indianapolis people with information about far away countries, they are opening minds and hearts to a world of brother and sisterhood. Visit their website to find out how you can get involved, or to find out how you can support them by attending their next event.

The Nationalities Council of Indiana
Allen Galloway, President
PO Box 1623
Indianapolis, IN 46206