Archives for May 13, 2009

The Circle City: An Indianapolis Tradition

The buzzing metropolis known as Indianapolis is sometimes affectionately referred to as the “Circle City,” but few who use the term know its centuries-old origin. You don’t have to wonder any longer: the name comes from the original design of the city. In 1821, surveyor Alex Ralston carved his place in history by drawing up the plans for the now booming […]

Judy Dominic: Midwest Artists Makes A Show In Indianapolis

Midwestern artist, Judy Dominic, continues to amaze the Indianapolis community with her usable, handmade, unique fiber art pieces. Though Judy is based out of the Hoosier state’s neighbor, Ohio, she travels all over the Midwest showing her pieces, teaching classes, and gathering inspiration. Judy Dominic adds to the atmosphere of the Indianapolis art scene. She […]

Brose Partington: Indianapolis Artist

Brose Partington is an artist in the Indianapolis art scene where he explores subtle patterns of nature and architecture and engages with movement in patterns. Brose Partington is a recent graduate of the Herron School of Art and Design on the Indiana University Purdue University (IUPUI) campus in downtown Indianapolis. In 2007, Partington’s talent was […]

John Simms at the Indianapolis Art Center

John E. Simms is a nationally renowned artist, who has influenced Indianapolis art by becoming part of the permanent collection at the Indianapolis Art Center. His work, “Imploding Cube,” is nestled among the trees and flowers at the ARTSPARK. It adds a surreal quality to the natural setting through the suggestion of man made objects […]

Carol Mickett at the Indianapolis Art Center

Carol Mickett, a poet, philosopher and artist featured in the Indianapolis art scene, reveals a deep sensitivity to the Hoosier landscape. Both Carol Mickett and her husband Robert Stackhouse have been collaborating on sculpture and other works for decades. Together they achieve a sense of beauty that is born out of their collective style of […]

Robert Stackhouse

Robert Stackhouse is an American artist, whose permanent instillation at the Indianapolis Art Center has become an integral part of art in Indianapolis. Stackhouse’s success is apparent through the many museums and galleries around the United States in which he has been shown. Robert Stackhouse’s focus as an artist is on passage structures. Several recurring […]

Michael Graves: Famous Indianapolis Architect

Michael Graves, an Indianapolis native, is an American architect that has gained notoriety around the world for his designs. In recent years, he has certainly become one of Indianapolis’ most notable people. He has represented Indy on the world stage by placing his thumb print on various architectural landscapes. Michael Graves grew up in the […]