Judy Dominic: Midwest Artists Makes A Show In Indianapolis

Midwestern artist, Judy Dominic, continues to amaze the Indianapolis community with her usable, handmade, unique fiber art pieces. Though Judy is based out of the Hoosier state’s neighbor, Ohio, she travels all over the Midwest showing her pieces, teaching classes, and gathering inspiration.

Judy Dominic adds to the atmosphere of the Indianapolis art scene. She is in fact so talented that for the past two years, her outdoor sculpture piece “Orbs” has been a showcase point at the ARTSPARK for the past two years. Since September of 2007, Dominic’s piece has been an integral part of the landscape of the Indianapolis Art Center and the Marilyn K. Glick School of Art, located in Broad Ripple Village.


This dramatic piece was chosen specifically for the way it complimented the visionary design of the Cultural Complex at the Indianapolis Art Center by world renowned architect, Michael Graves. However, in September of 2009, this invaluable piece will leave its home at the Indianapolis Art Center to make way for up and coming new artists.

Judy’s special talents focus on two fiber arts: basketry and mud cloth artwork. Bogolanfini is a historic technique used by women in Mali, West Africa. The finished product, dyed cloth, is used only for very special occasions. Traditionally, the cloth is locally grown, spun and woven by the people of the Mali community. The mud, with which the cloth is dyed, comes from the Niger River and the tannin is from the bark or leaves of trees found only in that region of West Africa.

Judy Dominic expands on this technique in her own way. She creates masterpieces that utilize the same symbolic elements from the Mali culture, like the white design on a black background. However, Judy also experiments with color, lines, and shape to create one of a kind masterpieces.

Judy Dominic also has a talent for making nontraditional basket designs based on indigenous cultures and the attitude of the material she is using. She focuses her work on natural materials, with the intention to let the materials do what they want to do. Out of this she creates some of the most interesting and versatile shapes and pieces.

These decorative designs, mud cloth and basketry, can be found for sale on her website. For all of you out there looking for great Indianapolis shopping consider investing in one of her one of a kind pieces. Check out Judy Dominic’s official website for more information about the artist. And if you happen to be walking the Monon Trail or looking for a great Indianapolis art gallery, do not forget to check out her piece “Orbs” at the Indianapolis Art Center before its too late.