Indiana High School Athletic Association: Indianapolis High School Sports Savior

The Indiana High School Athletic Association, headquartered in Indianapolis, is a not-for-profit that organizes and administers interschool athletic activities.  The group serves Indianapolis kids by creating ways for them to participate in Indianapolis sports. IHSAA is a voluntary group that any Indianapolis school accredited by the Indiana Department of Education can join by simply filing an application and staying a current a dues paying member.

In addition to supervising and administering athletics to its 406 member high schools, the Indiana High School Athletic Association offers a tournament series in 20 sports, ten for girls sports and ten for boys sports. In addition they work in conjunction with agencies concerned with the health and educational welfare of secondary students to promote a unified message across the board for young people in Indianapolis. The Indiana High School Athletic Association is also responsible for setting guidelines and qualification standards for coaches, officials, and game play in each sport.

Prior to 1903, there was no unifying body among interschool sports, leading to the abuse of rules and non-uniform game play. At a teachers conference in Richmond, Indiana in the spring of 1903, a group came together to address this problem, and the groundwork for the Indiana High School Athletic Association was laid. Over the next six months, principals from the Richmond conference took interscholastic competition under their direction. Together they created a governing body and constitution and set up shop in Indianapolis.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association’s mission includes the promotion of wholesome, educational sports for the secondary schools of Indiana. For male sports, the organization directs baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, football, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, and wrestling. Female sports include basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, and volleyball.

The organization supports equality within the sports it organizes. On its web site’s statement on gender equity, the group pronounces that every student ought to be given equal opportunity to participate in athletic activities. Participation in athletics at Indiana High School Athletic Association member schools is an intergral part of an educational experience. Each student should have the choice to enrich themselves through team sports.  The Indiana High School Athletic Association makes it a personal responsibility to see that boys and girls are given equality in the sports community of their town. Each child deserves a chance to shine in group sports, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class.

Some participating Indianapolis and Central Indiana high schools include: Ben Davis High School, Broad Ripple High School, Danville High School, Fortville High School, Franklin Central High School, and Greenfield High School, Warren Central High School, Westfield High School, and Zionsville High School.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association is valuable to the Indianapolis community. Without it, our children would be less focused. With it, they have the opportunity to succeed in many different avenues at their school.

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