Listen Up, Indianapolis: Turn the Dial to RadioNow 100.9

If you’re an Indianapolis music lover, chances are you’re one of the thousands of loyal WNOU RadioNow 100.9 fans in the area. RadioNow is an Indianapolis media giant that has been entertaining Indy audiences for years.

Broadcasting from only a few miles from Speedway, Indiana, home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, RadioNow has a huge following in downtown Indianapolis and beyond. You might be familiar with Speedway: the race track is home to the biggest spectacle in racing and the biggest sporting event in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500).

At RadioNow 100.9, you know you’ll get the best mix of contemporary pop and hip-hop as soon as you switch on your radio. The station isn’t only about the broadcasts, either. In addition to the many contests and promotional events RadioNow hosts, they put on rocking concerts all year round. Some of the best are held at Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville.

This outdoor music venue is a great place to settle back on the lawn with a blanket and a beer and wait for the music to begin as dusk settles over the lawn. Lawn tickets are general admission and generally inexpensive, and for every concert they’re involved in, RadioNow 100.9 gives away several free tickets.

If you’ve ever been to a concert at Verizon, you’ve probably bumped into one of the upbeat radio personalities on RadioNow who are always in attendance. If you listen to your radio at work, make sure you turn the dial to 100.9; the energetic mix of DJs keep you entertained all day long.

Scotty Morning Show preview video at RadioNow 100.9 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Mornings at RadioNow start out with with the Scotty Morning Show, which has been gracing the airwaves since 2008. Every morning from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Scotty and his crew provide the fun for your drive in to work. In addition to “Paparazzi on the Radio” with McKinzie, you can look forward to witty commentary from producer Shy. Shy he isn’t, as he offers bold commentary on pretty much every topic discussed.

Scotty himself has a long background in radio and connected with audiences immediately upon arrival on the Indianapolis scene, fitting right into the buzzing Indianapolis culture. He has a knack for getting listeners to call in and open up to audiences on everything from their biggest secrets to their greatest fears to most embarrassing moments.

Video of Reka hosting IMC on RadioNow 100.9 in Indianapolis, Indiana

If your mornings start a little later than Scotty’s, you can listen to Reka starting at 11:00 a.m. Reka specializes in celebrity gossip, and you can catch it all on her blog if you miss it on the radio. For all the hosts’ blogs and MySpace and Facebook pages, check out RadioNow’s official website.

Rayne and Soulja Boy video in the studio on RadioNow 100.9 in Indianapolis, Indiana

RadioNow doesn’t forget that your drive home from work can just be as boring as the one in. Don’t worry, Rayne has that covered. This popular DJ spins and mixes the best tunes to take you from afternoons to evenings every weekday.

For fans of this much-loved station, these radio personalities are some of the most famous people in Indiana. Switch your radio to 100.9 now to see what all the buzz is about.