A Community that Cares: Indianapolis Charity and Nonprofit Organizations

Indy is a city that believes in giving back, as evidenced by the many nonprofit and charity organizations of Indianapolis. Upon graduating from one of the several outstanding universities in Indianapolis, many students go straight into the Indianapolis charities and nonprofit fields, eager to start making a difference.

In the Circle City, there are hundreds of associations formed on the simple principle of providing hope, food, clothing, and inspiration for those less fortunate. One of the main groups the city aims to provide care for is Indianapolis kids. Charities and nonprofit organizations are the soul of any thriving metropolis. It is through the dedication and caring of those who work and volunteer at these invaluable Indianapolis charity organizations that at-risk children are given the chance to grow and prosper.

99.5 WZPL Make a Wish Request-a-Thon video in Indianapolis, Indiana

One such group is one you’re probably familiar with: the Make-a-Wish Foundation. With many chapters across the United States, this Indianapolis nonprofit organization has one overarching goal: to grant terminally ill children with their greatest wish. The company receives an outstanding amount of support here in Indianapolis.

Each year, the good-hearted morning crew at WZPL 99.5 hosts a 48-hour telethon for this important cause. Dave Smiley and his cohorts on the Smiley Morning Show stay up all 48 hours and take calls from listeners who share their own childrens’ struggles with illness and pledge money for individual Indianapolis charity children. By the end of the two-day time period, hundreds of wishes are granted.

Another nonprofit organization in Indianapolis that is specifically targeted toward the needs of children is The Timmy Foundation. This particular Indianapolis charity’s goal is to channel resources to sustainable health projects in developing countries. So even though the company is based here in Indy, the dedicated employees reach out beyond the borders of the city and country in order to brighten young lives.

Video from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, an Indianapolis nonprofit organization.

A number of Indianapolis charities and nonprofits are focused solely on bettering the lives of those living right here in the city. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is one such organization. Each year, KIB workers dedicate their time to roughly 500 community improvement projects with the help of 30,000 volunteers. Since 1995, an impressive 12,000 trees have been planted by this hard-working group.

Indianapolis parks are evolving and changing daily as well thanks to this company’s efforts. These beautiful parks provide a place for kids and adults alike to enjoy the lush greenery of Indianapolis. Parents and children can come to these parks for a quiet, serene environment that allows them to strengthen their bonds and enjoy one another’s company.

Both children and adults are provided with Indianapolis education and support from Indianapolis charity groups like Noble of Indiana and Best Buddies of Indianapolis. Charity organizations such as these aim to create opportunities for individuals living with developmental diseases like autism and Down syndrome. With the employees’ tireless dedication to this cause, young men, women, and children are given a chance to live long, meaningful lives. Best Buddies pairs volunteers with those in need of assistance in their daily lives, thus forming bonds that last a lifetime.

In addition to deepening the ties between citizens of the community, there are many Indianapolis nonprofits that vow to keep the city beautiful, fresh and energized through the arts of Indianapolis.

For those who love Indianapolis theater and Indianapolis performing arts, check out how you can make a difference with Heartland Truly Moving Pictures. This unique group honors filmmakers from Indianapolis and beyond whose work is based on exploring the human journey. The pictures share a common goal: to open the eyes of Indianapolis residents to the value of living a positive life, and the joy that comes from providing hope and inspiration to others. The Heartland Film Festival is a nod to the lively Indianapolis culture that has become immersed in the arts. Each year, the festival awards the filmmakers whose films most bring to life its passionate goal with over $200,000 in cash prizes.

The diligent efforts of Indianapolis charity and nonprofit workers extend to all aspects of life. In addition to brightening the city we all live and thrive in and providing hope and inspiration for those less fortunate, several Indianapolis charities exist solely to provide basic necessities such as food and shelter. You might have heard of one such nonprofit group in Indianapolis, The Dayspring Center. This well-respected Indianapolis charity provides a solid three meals a day, emergency shelter, and clothing for anyone in need throughout central Indiana.

These citizens come from any number of situations, ranging from domestic abuse to financial collapse to severe medical problems. Dayspring exists to bring the necessities of life back to those struggling without them.

Other Indianapolis charity groups dedicated to preserving the wellness and health of Indianapolis citizens are national, with dedicated branches working toward success here in Indy. Some of these include the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. All put on countless events in Indianapolis that provide opportunities for volunteer work.

Video of the Relay for Life which is sponsored by they American Cancer Society


If you run out of things to do in Indianapolis, look up these dedicated Indianapolis charities and nonprofit groups to see how you can help. You could be the difference that fellow Indianapolis citizens have been waiting for their whole lives.