Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission

In 1967, the Indiana State Legislature saw a need to empower a group of Indianapolis citizens to watch over and regulate historically significant areas of the Circle City. Thus, State Statute IC 36-7-11.1 was born. The statute gave rise to a nine-member board, appointed by Indy‘s mayor, which would be called the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. The IHPC would work to preserve the character and fabric of historically significant areas and structures of Marion County.


Some areas are already considered historic. Others are yet to be designated historic. And so the IHPC has two tasks: To help those working to restore and rehabilitate already designated areas, as well as to grant new requests for other areas yet to be designated. Residents of Indianapolis can petition the IHPC for their chosen areas to have historic status, and the Preservation Commission will decide which areas receive such a designation.

Since its creation, the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission has done a great deal of work to several popular areas throughout the city. The IHPC has created preservation plans and issued permits, as well as providing design and zoning review and approval, for neighborhoods such as Chatham Arch, Lockerbie Square, Fletcher Place, Fountain Square, and Herron-Morton Place. And neighborhoods aren’t the only things under the jurisdiction of the IHPC. The Preservation Commission has also worked to restore and protect conversation districts, like Ransom Place and New Augusta. Because of the work of the IHPC, these areas are now attracting new residents rapidly, and Indianapolis homes for sale in these neighborhoods are on the rise.


The IHPC also serves to protect historically significant structures, such as the Hilbert Circle Theatre and the Eastman-Lilly House. Next time you’re looking for things to do in Indianapolis and you find yourself downtown at the Hilbert Circle Theatre, take a minute to look around you at the beautifully restored theater. You’ll be seeing the work of the IHPC.

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