Woodruff Place Civic League

The Woodruff Place Civic League is an Indianapolis organization responsible for keeping track of the historic preservation of the Woodruff Place Indianapolis neighborhood. The members of this organization are volunteers, who live in the historic Indianapolis neighborhood. Their passion for Woodruff Place, and dedication to its preservation, have served to keep this Indianapolis community going strong for decades.

Woodruff Place is located just east of Indianapolis downtown. The neighborhood is certainly one of a kind when it comes to Indianapolis real estate. James O. Woodruff laid out the plans over one hundred years ago, in 1872 and 1873. The uniqueness of the design is found in the presences of large fully functioning fountains at each cross section of three main boulevards. These beautiful pieces are certainly appreciated by many in the Indianapolis art scene for their peacefulness and functionality.


In addition, the neighborhood is adorned with wide grassy esplanades that house various statues and urns created in the same style as the powerful  antique fountains. The intention was for Woodruff Place to be a true oasis from the maddening chaos of city life in Indy. The park like setting creates peace for its residents. Many have traveled the world in search of such a meditative place to live, but no place compares to Woodruff Place. In fact, Woodruff Place rivals any of the great Indianapolis parks.

When Woodruff Place was first dreamed up, a recession in Indianapolis caused building and development to move slowly. But eventually, as Indianapolis business boomed at the turn of the century, prominent families began to build beautiful houses in Woodruff Place. Even Indianapolis’ famous Colonel Eli Lilly had to comment on the unique attitude of residents of Woodruff Place, coining the phrase, “Woodruffian.”

The members of the Woodruff Place Civic League proudly brandish their nickname, as they crusade for the preservation of the historic homes in their neighborhood. They join the trend among Indianapolis history buffs, who fought for the preservation of historic Indianapolis attractions like the Morris-Butler House Museum, the President Benjamin Harrison home, and the Lilly Mansion.

The Woodruff Place Civic League operates under a set of guidelines comparable to the neighborhood society guidelines for North Meridian Street. As a group, they work together to secure the proper documentation, licensing, and plans to preserve the various houses in Woodruff Place. Thanks in large part to the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission, Woodruff Place is a historically protected neighborhood since September of 2001.


In addition to protecting the interests of their beloved neighborhood, the Woodruff Place Civic League organizes a variety of Indianapolis fairs and festivals. They host Indianapolis events like the famous Flea Market, the Fourth of July Parade, a Victorian Home Tour, and a White Trash Tour. They also work closely with the Indianapolis nonprofit organization, the Historic Woodruff Place Foundation, to fund raise for these annual events and to help home owners with repairs on “fixer-uppers” in the neighborhood.

All of these facts point to one truth: the sense of community in the Woodruff Place historic neighborhood is unparalleled in the Circle City. They truly live in their own little village. By working together to promote their uniqueness and historic importance, the Woodruff Place Civic League has created an environment that many people across the Hoosier state and beyond have been attracted to.

For more information about the Woodruff Place Civic League, visit their website here. And to learn how you can become a member of this wonderful community by investing in real estate in Woodruff Place, go here!

Woodruff Place Civic League