Butler Intercollegiate YMCA: College-Based Community Outreach

Butler Intercollegiate YMCA is hands-down the oldest YMCA in Indianapolis; it’s been around since 1879. That’s a long time to be serving the community! Butler Intercollegiate YMCA is one of the eleven branches that make up the Indianapolis YMCA. The other branches are: YMCA at the Athenaeum, Baxter YMCA, Benjamin Harrison YMCA, Fishers YMCA, Flat Rock River YMCA Camp, Jordan YMCA, Pike YMCA, Ransburg YMCA, Urban Mission YMCA, and West District YMCA.

Butler Intercollegiate YMCA is located on the campus of Butler University, an Indianapolis school near downtown Indianapolis. It’s one of very few remaining college-based YMCA’s in the nation, but it’s still making a huge impact with Indianapolis kids and adults alike. Butler Intercollegiate YMCA seeks to instill the YMCA core values of respect, responsibility, citizenship, and caring into the college community.

To accomplish this goal, Butler Intercollegiate YMCA sponsors a huge amount of activities, community outreach, and programs for area youth and adults. A few of these are: “IndyAfterSchool,” a program for middle school students that focuses on drug prevention and academic support; “Kovering Our Kids,” a program designed to provide the children and families at Riley Hospital for Children with blankets; and “Y-Buddies”, a mentoring program that pairs Butler students with students at an inner-city middle school.

Butler Intercollegiate YMCA also strives to make the world, not just the United States, a better place. Their “Spring Break Getaway” program takes Butler students to Mandeville, Jamaica, where they help out at a local orphanage.

Of course, all these philathropic activities cost a lot of money. But Butler Intercollegiate YMCA doesn’t just ask for donations; they take an active role in raising money for the community. “Geneva Stunts” is a unique example of Indianapolis performing arts that’s been around for over 80 years. It’s a competition that takes place every year in which students perform short plays and musical overtures in Butler’s own Clowes Memorial Hall. This is the primary fundraiser for Butler Intercollegiate YMCA, and it’s definitely a good way to spend a buck or two.

All in all, Butler Intercollegiate YMCA is a great example of all the good the YMCA organization does in Indianapolis. Not only does the Y help college students find themselves, it also encourages strong community ties that should never grow weak.

For more information on Butler Intercollegiate YMCA, including news, program information, and registration forms, please visit the branch’s homepage.

Butler Intercollegiate YMCA
4600 Sunset Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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