Aearo Co.

Aearo Co. manufactures and distributes several brands of industrial safety, consumer safety and energy absorbing materials. Major product lines include vision, hearing, respiratory, face and head protection devices. The company name comes from a combination of its first two brands, AOStystems and E-A-R.

In 1869 the company began as American Optical Company, incorporated in Southbridge, Massachusetts. The first Aearo Co. safety product was made in 1910, a pair of safety goggles for railroad workers. The company introduced the first patented foam earplug in the 1970s. Several name changes were made before the Aearo Co. title came about in 1996. This Indianapolis business now employs 1,600 people worldwide.

E-A-R is a very popular brand for ear protection gear. The company takes a special interest in hearing conservation, and reserves space on its website to post booklets, slides, posters, blogs, audio/video programs and frequently asked questions. E-A-R is very passionate about advocating for ear safety, and goes to great lengths to educate customers.

Another brand included under the Aearo Co. umbrella is SafeWaze, a company that makes fall protection equipment. Peltor is an Aearo Co. business that makes communication headsets.

Aearo Co. is a globally recognized company, with manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the world. Company headquarters are located on the northeast side of Indianapolis, near I-465. Major manufacturing facilities are also in Massachusetts, Delaware, Oklahoma, England and Sweden. The company is jointly owned by Vestar Equity Partners and Aearo Co. senior management, making it one of the top 25 largest private Indianapolis companies.

Aearo Co.
5457 W 79th St
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