Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP

Calumet Specialty Products Partners is an Indianapolis business like none other. While it is a bit of a task just to remember their name, it is an even harder job to describe what exactly it is they do. Calumet Specialty Products Partners is one of the country’s leaders in refining and processing specialty hydrocarbon products.

Calumet Specialty Products Partners have quickly become one of the largest public Indianapolis companies around. Their consistent growth over the last decade has not only benefited Indy residents by the increased payout of everyday products, but also an increase in Indianapolis jobs. The next time you have a few minutes to kill, take a look around you and try and count just how many Calumet Specialty products you can find.

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The company itself has been in operation since 1916, but only moved west of downtown Indianapolis(between the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indianapolis International Airport) just about two decades ago. It is little coincidence that since they moved to the Circle City Calumet Specialty Products Partners has seen a dramatic increase in both their capacity to produce and new business.

Even though this all sound terribly exciting already lets try and apply what exactly it is Calumet Specialty Products Partners creates to real-life applications.  If you were to head over to the Monon Trail by the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple Village you would be surrounded by specialty hydrocarbon by-products.

First Calumet Specialty Products Partners hydrocarbons would be in the blacktop used to pave the Monon, it would also be used in the paint sprayed to divide the traffic lanes on the trail as well. Depending on how you like to locomote, Calumet Specialty products would be found in either the soles of your running shoes or the tires on your bike. They would also have a hand in the grease that keeps your bike’s chain from rusting. The picturesque views of the White River are only visible because of the stability the hydrocarbon provides to the bridges of the Monon trail. Calumet Specialty Products Partners even has a hand in the weather treatment applied to the fences and sign posts that guide you north towards Carmel, Indiana or south into the heart of Indianapolis.

Working on the assumption that you are a reasonably hygienic individual, every time you take a shower and use body wash you are employing  a hydrocarbon of some sort. If you are a frequenter of Indianapolis bars or other forms of Indianapolis nightlife you see Calumet Specialty Products on the face of every woman wearing make-up. All Indianapolis restaurants use hydrocarbons in their refrigerator systems to keep food from going bad. By this point it is hoped that you realize Calumet Specialty Products Partners and their hydrocarbons play a pivotal role in all of our everyday lives.

Calumet Specialty Products Partners
2780 Waterfront Pkwy E Dr Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46241