Celadon Group Inc. – Keeping Indianapolis Business Rolling

The symbol CLDN represents the considerable clout wielded on the NASDAQ by Indianapolis-based Celadon Group Inc. Celadon runs trucks, lots and lots of trucks, from Canada to Mexico and everywhere in between. This means they cross the borders to serve the three most viable North American countries.

Well-organized for international business, Celadon Group normally transports its freight in full loads without making any stops for handling along the way. Within the United States, the company also provides flexible long-haul, dedicated and regional hauling to suit the customers’ needs.

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Their employee list numbers close to 4,000 and they claim a personnel growth rate of almost 10%. A long-haul trucking service of the “dry van truckload” variety, the Celadon Group maintains subsidiary companies in all three countries: Celadon Trucking Services is based in the U.S., Celadon Canada covers the north and Jaguar carries south of the border.

Their fleet of tractors is estimated at around 3,000, with 9,000 trailers to complement them. Celadon equipment and drivers are hired out through carriage contracts, usually to long-term customers. The company also deals in related products and services such as warehousing and freight brokerage.

This goliath among Indianapolis businesses registered an operating revenue for 2009 of $106.8 million and a gross operating profit of just over $51 million, with sales as of the fiscal year ending in June of 2008 coming in just under $566 million. It isn’t surprising, then, that Celadon consistently rates among the 25 largest Indianapolis public companies.

Large public enterprises such as the Celadon Group Inc. make a huge contribution to Indianapolis society, though many residents may not even know the company’s name. One thing is certain: even in times of economic unease, the trucking industry will still be connecting people and businesses, and taking care of the essential transport and carrying needs that keep the country humming along.

Celedon Group Inc.
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