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Cohesant Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded company based out of Indianapolis, with offices just south of the fast-growing suburb Zionsville and north of Speedway, Indiana. Cohesant Inc. is the holding company for American Chemical, a sealant and adhesives manufacture since 1952, and GlasCraft Inc., a spray finishings and coating equipment manufacturer since 1959. An important line of epoxy coating products under the American Chemical wing is “AquataPoxy,” which provided the basis for Cohesant Technologies entry to public trading and has helped keep the company squarely on the list of the 25 largest Indianapolis public companies for many years, a pillar among Indianapolis businesses.

An important acquisition in 1995 was Raven Lining Systems, which complements the AquataPoxy product line and widens Cohesant Technologies’ scope to include maintenance coatings and infrastructure rehabilitation coatings. About the same time, the powers that be at Cohesant made the decision to sell off the American Chemical branch.

Video about CuraFlo Epoxy Pipe Lining and how it works in Indianapolis, Indiana

These proved to be good decisions for the company, as sales growth expanded from just under $10 MM in 1967 to just over $16 MM in 2001 sales, with similar growth on the records for the following years. Cohesant changed management in 2002, and other major aspects of the company began changing then too. The first dividend for Cohesant Technologies was announced in 2003, and the following year, the company announced its formal decision regarding annual dividends. It was about this time that Cohesant Technologies made the Forbes Magazine list of “200 Best Small Companies.”

Demonstration video of CuraFlo Technologies Epoxy Pipe Relining in action in Indianapolis, Indiana

Further acquisitions have further strengthened the company: CuraFlo Technologies, a forefront business manufacturing rehabilitation solutions for small pipes in North America and Triton, which is a complementary manufacturer of large pipe rehabilitation solutions, the largest in North America.

In 2008, Cohesant divested themselves of the GlasCraft business which had served them so well, honing in on the water renewal and protection market. Nevertheless, Cohesant Technologies Inc. continues to perform well on all fronts.


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