Fortune Industries Inc., Vanguard of Indianapolis Business

Situated in the northwest quadrant of Indiana’s capitol, Indianapolis, Fortune Industries is quietly carving out a lasting, Rushmore-esque niche for itself among Indianapolis businesses and beyond. Once a highly diversified company, they now call themselves a “Pure-Play PEO.” Unless you follow the stock market like a pro, that will take some explaining:

“Pure-Play” is stock market speak for a company that focuses only on one product or line, business or theme. “PEO” refers to a “Professional Employer Organization,” which is any company that enables its clients to outsource human resources and all the myriad tasks and goals that go along with managing employees. Clients who use PEO’s choose to do so because it takes a great burden off of them and allows them to focus on what their business is meant to do, as opposed to spending time, money and energy on marshaling and managing the troops.

With a good solid position on the list of 25 largest Indianapolis public companies, and some $80 million in assets, Fortune Industries Inc. enjoys consistent status as the nation’s fifth largest PEO. Fortune Industries has central offices in Richmond, Indiana as well as their Indianapolis headquarters, and Tucson, Arizona; Provo, Utah; Tennessee and Loveland, Colorado. A leader in the field, the company is also one of the longest-standing PEO’s in the United States.

Basically, Fortune Industries carries off its excellent outsourcing solutions by partnering with their customer’s companies to streamline and manage employee administration on all levels. Fortune works for, and with, more than 15,000 of their clients’ employees in almost every state in more than 800 sites. On the roster of Indianapolis small business, large business and everything else one is likely to find in the directory of business services in Indianapolis, Fortune Industries is a quiet goliath.

Some of the functions PEO companies like Fortune Industries handle are:

  • processing payroll
  • employee benefits
  • employee handbooks
  • risk management
  • workers’ compensation
  • consulting
  • government compliance

Many companies in today’s demanding and seemingly transient market believe that outsourcing all the headaches that regularly crop up in human resource operations makes a lot of sense. It means that not only are there professionals dealing with the sometimes-tricky ins and outs of personnel, but client companies can increase employee benefits simply through Fortune’s common employee pool numbering well over 15,000.

Indianapolis business, indeed Indianapolis culture and society in general, benefit greatly from the innovative and polished approach of companies such as Fortune Industries. Its forgers have developed the following summary of their endeavors:

Fortune Industries, Inc. is committed to creating long-term shareholder value through the acquisition, creation, management and growth of industry-leading businesses.” In times of economic uncertainty, it’s good to know there are Indianapolis businesses with their feet, so to speak, nicely balanced on the ground of change.

Fortune Industries Inc.
6402 Corporate Dr
Indianapolis, In 46278