Global Aero Logistics Inc.

Formerly known as AMTRAN, Inc. and ATA Holdings, Inc., Global Aero Logistics, Inc. has recently adopted yet another new name, Global Aviation Holdings.

A brief historic timeline of the name of this corporate monolith would read like this:

  • 2002 – AMTRAN, Inc.
  • 2003-2007 – ATA Holdings Corp.
  • 2007-2009 – Global Aero Logistics, Inc.
  • 2009-present – Global Aviation Holdings, Inc.

In 2004, ATA Holdings suffered a bankruptcy as an after-effect of the 9/11 tragedy and economic fallout caused by it. But they kept the business going for a year and a half as “debtors in possession,” a legal maneuver. The company leaders managed to accomplish a massive restructuring, which led to the creation of Global Aero Logistics, Inc. out of Indianapolis. The “new” company acquired, in April of 2007 and for the sum of $315 million in hard cash, another airline giant known as World Air Holdings, Inc. The name change, new branding and acquisition were announced simultaneously.

Global Aero Logistics was to operate World Airways and North American Airlines, which it does today, under the new name. The behemoth, as of December of 2008, had 34 aircraft capable of transoceanic service in its fleet, and they provide both commercial and military charters across the globe. The company today claims over one billion dollars in revenues and a list of over 2,200 employees. The name Global Aero Logistics, Inc. still signifies one of the most daring and successful businesses in Indianapolis.

Though the newly-named Global Aviation Holdings picked up and moved their corporate headquarters in late 2007, it was once headquartered in Indy, just west of the metropolis and close to the Indianapolis International Airport.


Global Aero Logistics, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
101 World Dr
Peachtree City, GA 300269-6965

Global Aero Logistics, Inc.
7337 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46231-1328

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