Herff Jones Inc.

Herff Jones Inc. has been helping families celebrate nearly a century of milestones. The company makes accessories, apparel, medals, honor chords, robes, yearbooks, class rings and many other types of memorabilia. This Indianapolis business reaches throughout the entire United States creating products for preschools to universities, and has grown to be one of the largest private Indianapolis companies.

Herff Jones Inc. was founded in Indianapolis in 1920 by Harry J. Herff and Randall H. Jones. The company originally made insignia jewelry. As the business grew and expanded, they adapted new product lines. Soon after opening shop, Herff Jones Inc. began working with Indianapolis educationfacilities to produce a line of class rings and honor medals. In the 1940s, Herff Jones Inc. contributed to the war effort by producing bullet dies and deploying 170 employees into the service. The U.S. Government contracted the company to produce the Bronze Star medals for returning World War II soldiers.

For many years, Herff Jones Inc.was a publicly held company. In the early 1970s the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, until it was purchased by the Carnation Company. By this time, the company added yearbooks, fine papers, diplomas, school photography and graduation apparel to the product line. In the 1980s, Herff Jones Inc. expanded to Canada.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the company went through a transfer of ownership, as thousands of Herff Jones Inc. employees began to buy up stock. Today, the business is owned entirely by employees.

Herff Jones Inc. is a nationally recognized brand, and it all began right here. Constant growth and expansion since day one has not stopped the company from being involved in Indianapolis society, culture and community. Since 1983, the company has participated in Indiana’s historic racing tradition, making the winner’s ring for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500). Racing is not the only Indianapolis sport Herff Jones Inc. has done business with. In 2007, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsaycontracted Herff Jones Inc. to produce the winning Super Bowl rings.

Company headquarters are located on the northwest side of Indy, inside the I-465 loop. Dozens of schools and businesses across the country rely on Herff Jones Inc. for the products that make memories.

Herff Jones Inc.
4501 W 62nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46268