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Hurco Companies, Inc. is a prominent, publicly-traded Indianapolis business in the industrial technology field with some 480 employees. Headquartered out of Indianapolis, Indiana, they manufacture and market computer software and control systems for the sophisticated computerized machine tools they distribute throughout the civilized world.

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The Hurco Company is comprised of these basic branches, located in several countries: application engineering, sales and service, design and engineering and the corporate executive offices. Hurco maintains facilities for distribution in California, the Netherlands, Venlo and Singapore. Hurco Southeast Asia was founded in 1991 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hurco Co’s, Inc., to serve Korea, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Other Hurco subsidiaries are located in Germany and France. Hurco finds a need for more than 200 distributors around the world to meet the requests of their many products’ users.

Clearly, this company is a world leader in the computerized numerical control systems and the machine tools market in general. Hurco Companies, Inc. is listed among the 25 largest Indianapolis public companies, and has carved out what looks like a permanent global niche.

Part of the reason for their massive success is their flexibility in designing fully customizable products and packages for their far-flung customers. Their software applications are also suitable for all types of machines. Another good reason for Hurco’s continuing customer loyalty is their post-sales support system, a source of pride for the company. Every customer has at their disposal instant assistance from Hurco’s in-house and field engineers.

Since 1968, the Hurco Companies global conglomerate has been designing some of the most sophisticated computer numerically controlled metalworking equipment in the world. Heavy on research and innovation, the company has been on the forefront of just about every groundbreaking development in its fast-expanding field.

The well-oiled organization functions like a humming machine too. From concept to design to manufacturing to installation and beyond, Hurco Companies fulfill their potential and then surpass it.

At the core of every hugely successful business, you will usually find a win-win foundation, laced with a good deal of integrity. Hurco powers that be state that their job, as they see it, is to create machine tools that enhance the customers’ profitability. Simple as that.

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