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International Business College is situated in the northeast section of Indiana state capital, Indianapolis. It is a community college offering AA degrees and diplomas, and fills an extremely important niche in the roster of academies that provide such a well-rounded Indianapolis education for residents. IBC maintains a consistently high rating among the 25 largest Indianapolis Colleges and Universities, ranking just under heavyweights like Butler University and Indiana State University.

Fully accredited, International Business College concentrates on dispensing a high-quality, career-focused education that puts their graduates on the fast track when entering the work force. To that end, the college offers career counseling, placement services and financial aid planning along with their curriculum. Graduates of the Indiana Business College frequently wind up being pillars of the large and active Indianapolis business community.

Course Studies

BUSINESS PROGRAMS: Accounting, Paralegal, Administrative Assistant, Travel and Hospitality and Legal Administration

TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS: Computer Programming, Network Management, Computer Specialist and Graphic Design

HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS: Dental Assisting, Veterinary Technician and Medical Assisting. Studies are carried out in externships and simulated clinical settings to better prepare the student for real situations.

Placement Program

International Business College has a sophisticated placement program designed to match prospective employees with a career job that will be a perfect fit. They can also assist students with resume and interview skills to enhance their overall marketability, so important in today’s competitive business environment. Specifically, their placement services include training and assistance in:

  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Locating interviews
  • Salary negotiations
  • Alumni placement

Room and Board and Tuition

The In-state and out-of-state tuition during the year ending in 2008 was $12,440. A typical room for the college year cost $6,800. International Business College offers to customize finances for each individual student, assisting not only with financial aid but financial planning as well.

The college’s enrollment stays under 300. For this reason, and because they only concentrate on a few two-year fields, they provide a highly individualized education for all their students.
Social life and activities are plentiful for the International Business College student, with all the fascinating things to do in Indianapolis at their fingertips.

International Business College – Indianapolis
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