Indiana Wesleyan University: Faith-Based Education

It might surprise you to know that the fifth largest college or university in Indiana is a Christian college. But it’s true. Not only is the fifth largest school a Christian college, it’s in the small town of Marion, Indiana, just an hour north of Indianapolis. Indiana Wesleyan University rounds out the upper echelon of the 25 largest Indiana colleges and universities, behind Indiana University, Purdue University, Ivy Tech Community College, and Ball State University. It has made vast contributions to education in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the United States.

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A Specific Mission

Indiana Wesleyan University strives to imitate and learn from the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. Not only do they profess a Wesleyan (a Christian denomination founded by John Wesley) belief, they seek to promote the faith through all campus experiences, be it in the classroom or out of it. All course material, lectures, and special events are presented through a Christian world view. Freshmen enrolled in Indiana Wesleyan’s programs are required to take the “World-Changer” course. This course provides an evangelical outline of the Christian faith and challenges students to participate in Christian service projects.

Outside of the classroom, the university sponsors several activities to strengthen the faith of its students. There are weekly chapel meetings and seminars held on campus grounds where students learn Christian principles from experts and leaders. There are also bible studies, prayer sessions, and mission trips. The campus also hosts “Summit Week,” a week long learning experience where students participate in daily workshops and seminars. Summit Week occurs once a semester and brings students back to Indiana Wesleyan’s focus: Jesus.

As part of their Christian focus, Indiana Wesleyan University believes that students must experience a “Life Calling”. This is separate and distinct from simply choosing a major and a career; a Life Calling is God’s purpose in a student’s life. Indiana Wesleyan’s goal is to help each student find his or her Life Calling, and to that end they have implemented a Center for Life Calling and Leadership, located in the main campus’ Student Center. Students at the center learn biblically-based methods for discovering their own special Life Calling.

Campuses and Education Centers

Indiana Wesleyan University‘s main campus is located an hour north of Indianapolis, in Marion, Indiana. It was formerly known as Marion College (not to be confused with the school in Indianapolis, Marian University), but it changed its name in 1988 to Indiana Wesleyan University, both to reflect its commitment to the Wesleyan faith and to denote a wider range of influence than just Marion.

In addition to the main campus, Indiana Wesleyan University also operates several Education Centers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. These are centers for adult learning, where working adults can take courses to earn their degrees. The Indiana Education Centers are located in Columbus, Fort Wayne, Greenwood, Northern Indianapolis (near the Fashion Mall at Keystone Crossing), Western Indianapolis (near Eagle Creek Park), Kokomo, Merrillville, and Shelbyville.

When students aren’t in class at Indiana Wesleyan University, there’s a whole host of things to do on campus. At the heart of recreational activities at the university is the newly renovated Student Center, which rivals even the best Indianapolis shopping malls. The Student Center is divided into three areas: the Mall, the Commons, and Upstairs Offices and Services.

The Mall is a huge enclosure with a massive 40-foot skylight that gives the impression of an outdoor plaza. The Mall has coffee shops, restaurants, and bookstores that line a broad walkway, and there are benches where students can sit to study or eat. The Commons features the Baldwin Dining Center, a news center with newspapers and e-mail stations, and the IWU Game Room, where students can enjoy ping-pong, foosball, and board games. Upstairs Offices and Services is exactly what it sounds like: a host of campus offices designed to serve the students. These offices include the Student Development Office, Health Center, and the aforementioned Center for Life Calling and Leadership.

Video of live music at the Indiana Wesleyan University Student Center in Marion, Indiana



Indiana Wesleyan University‘s focus is on the teachings of Jesus Christ, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on a traditional education. As a matter of fact, the main goal of the university is to provide the tools for success to its students through Christian principles. To that end, Indiana Wesleyan University has over 70 different undergraduate programs for students to choose from and eight different graduate degrees. The school is broken up into eleven divisions, or subjects: art, behavioral sciences, business, education, health/kinesiology/recreation/sports studies, modern language/literature/communication, music, natural sciences/mathematics, nursing, religion/philosophy, and social sciences.

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Not only is there a great amount of programs to choose from at Indiana Wesleyan, the university also has a great staff. The professors at Indiana Wesleyan University include some of the best minds in their fields, including the co-inventor of the heart defibrillator, several authors, and a Carnegie Hall vocalist.

Although the faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University is certainly top-notch, you won’t feel like you’re lost in the crowd at this school. The student to faculty ratio is 17-1 at Indiana Wesleyan, meaning that each student gets individual attention. Each professor is committed to teaching his or her students how to succeed in the real world and away from the campus bubble of the university, turning them into successful leaders and followers of Jesus Christ.

Indiana Wesleyan University isn’t merely focused on helping out the traditional students who are fresh out of high school. Instead, they seek to educate everyone that is able, including working adults. The university has many different online courses, allowing those who are too far from the Marion campus to telecommute and complete their studies at a time that’s convenient for them. The university also runs several Centers for Adult Education, which serve more than 9,000 working students at more than 90 places throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.


Indiana Wesleyan University is the home of the Wildcats, a college sports team that can stand just as tall as any team in Indianapolis sports. Currently, the university sponsors fifteen sports teams, including cheerleading, baseball, men and women’s basketball, men and women’s soccer, volleyball, and men and women’s track and field.

Video highlights of a soccer match between Indiana Wesleyan University and the University of St. Francis


Each team has a fairly long and illustrious history of victory in their conference. The Wildcats belong to the Mid Central College Conference, which also includes Goshen College, Grace College, Marian University, and the University of Saint Francis. Over the years, the Wildcats have won 23 NCAA National Championships, though sadly not the NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball Tournament. Indiana Wesleyan’s soccer, track & field, tennis, and basketball teams took home the championship in 2008. They have won an incredible 117 Mid Central College Conference championships since 1973, including 17 each for the men’s cross country and women’s tennis teams.

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A Spiritual School

All in all, Indiana Wesleyan University offers many great opportunities for students who desire to grow in their Christian faith. The university is a Christ-centered school that instills Biblical values in everything it does, from classroom lecture to community service. The staff and students all partake in worship, bible study, and informed debate. In addition, the school offers a variety of renowned academic programs and an athletic program that wins titles year after year.

For more information on Indiana Wesleyan University, please visit the IWU homepage.

Indiana Wesleyan University Campus Locations

Indiana Wesleyan – Main Campus
4201 S Washington St
Marion, IN 46953

IWU Columbus Education Center
726 Washington St
Columbus, IN 47201

IWU Fort Wayne Education and Conference Center
8211 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

IWU Greenwood Education and Conference Center
1500 Windhorst Way
Greenwood, IN 46143

IWU Indianapolis Education Center
3777 Priority Way S Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46240

IWU Indy West Education Center
6325 Digital Way, Ste 222
Indianapolis, IN 46278

IWU Kokomo Education Center
1916 E Markland Ave
Kokomo, IN 46901

IWU Marion Education Center
1900 W 50th St
Marion, IN 46953

IWU Merillville Education and Conferece Center
8415 Georgia St
Merrillville, IN 46410

IWU Shelbyville Education Center
2325 Intelliplex Dr
Shelbyville, IN 46176

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