Indianapolis and Central Indiana High Schools

There are many schools in Indianapolis and the Indianapolis area. These include four year Indiana universities, graduate schools, technical colleges, Indianapolis vocational schools, institutes that teach a single subject extensively, and plenty of free seminars. However, some of the most important of these, both for Indianapolis kids and for the future of Indianapolis, are the local high schools. Indianapolis high schools, run by the Indianapolis Public School system, make up the bulk of Indianapolis education, and they are essential to the future well being of the city.

Below is a list of the high schools in Indianapolis and the surrounding area:

  Arlington Community High School – Arlington Community High School is located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis just outside of Indianapolis downtown.
  Arsenal Technical High School – Arsenal Technical High School is rooted deep in Indianapolis history and rates high among Indianapolis Public Schools.
  Beech Grove High School – Beech Grove High School is a premiere Indianapolis educational institution offering tons of great opportunities for Indianapolis kids in attendance.
  Ben Davis High School – Ben Davis High School, located just a few minutes from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis International Airport, and downtown Indianapolis, is one of the most acclaimed high schools in the United States.
Bishop-Chatard-Catholic-School-entrance-Broad-Ripple-Village-Indianapolis-Indiana Bishop Chatard High SchoolBishop Chatard Catholic High School is on the north side of the Circle City.
Broad-Ripple-High-School-benches-Indianapolis-Indiana Broad Ripple High School – Broad Ripple High School is located in the Indianapolis cultural district Broad Ripple. Their most famous alum is David Letterman.
Brownsburg-High-School Brownsburg High School – Brownsburg High School and the Brownsburg Senior Academy are both located in Brownsburg, Indiana.
Carmel-high-School Carmel High School – Carmel High School has prime location serving members of the Carmel, Indiana community.
Center-Grove-High-School Center Grove High School – Center Grove High School is on the south side of Indianapolis in Greenwood, Indiana. It is a large school with a notable academic program.
  Charles A. Tindley Accelerated SchoolThis Indianapolis charter school is located on the East side of downtown.
  Christel House DORS Charter School – Christel House is a specialized school for adult high school drop out looking to get back on the path to success.
Danville-high school Danville High School – Part of the Indianapolis metro area, Danville High School serves its students through a comprehensive curriculum with lots of choices.
  Decatur Central High School – Located on the Southwest side of Indianapolis, Decatur Central High School is committed to creating a learning community where Indianapolis kids can thrive.
  Emmerich Manual High School – Emmerich Manual High School is one of the oldest schools in Indianapolis history, with guiding principles to create well-rounded students.
  George Washington Community High School – George Washington Community High School is a model of Indianapolis education in the Circle City and an inspiring part of the Indianapolis community.
  Greenwood High School – Nestled happily in Greenwood, Indiana just minutes south of Indianapolis downtown, Greenwood High School offers Indianapolis kids a solid suburban education.
  Fishers High School – Fishers High School is a public school for grade 9-12 that offers a variety of courses to motivate students to achieve success.
Franklin-Community-High-School Franklin Central High School – Franklin Central High School in Franklin, Indiana, near Indianapolis, is focused on getting its students placed in the best colleges and universities.
Franklin-Community-High-School-Entrance-Franklin-Indiana Franklin Community High School – Franklin Community High School, in Franklin, Indiana, serves Franklin kids living in the Franklin Community School Corporation.
  Greenfield High School – Discover Greenfield-Central High School in Indianapolis; the Cougars at Greenfield hold the reputation as some of the best Indianapolis kids in the Circle City.
Hamilton-South-Eastern-High-School Hamilton Southeastern High School – Hamilton Southeastern High School, located in Fishers, Indiana, is a leading Indianapolis school making great strides in Fishers education.
  Herron High School – Herron High School, located in the heart of Indianapolis downtown, is a public charter school focused on giving students a classical liberal arts education.
  Indianapolis Metropolitan High School – Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana saw a gap in Indianapolis education, and Indianapolis Metropolitan High School is an attempt to fill that gap.
  Indian Creek High School – Indian Creek High School, located in Trafalgar, Indiana south of Indianapolis downtown, serves more than 600 Hoosier students each year.
  Key Learning Community – Key Learning Community, an innovative Indianapolis school, serves students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, with a mission of diversity and communication.
  Lawrence Central High School – Lawrence Central High School, on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, strives to see all of its Indianapolis kids succeed in their Indianapolis education.
Lebanon-High-School Lebanon High School – Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Indiana, just Northwest of Indianapolis downtown, is committed to success in every Indiana kid enrolled in their school.
martinsville-high-school Martinsville High School – Martinsville High School, of Martinsville, Indiana, is a leading educational institution in the cities surrounding Indianapolis. Martinsville High School is located just Southwest of Indianapolis downtown.
  Mt. Vernon High School – Mt. Vernon High School serves the community of Fortville, Indiana, just Northeast of Indianapolis downtown.
Mooresville-High-School Mooresville High School – As the only high school in the small Indiana town, Mooresville High School serves all the Mooresville kids in town.
  Noblesville High School – Noblesville High School of Noblesville, Indiana, is a top Indianapolis public school with a reputation for helping students succeed in a supportive community.
North-Central-High-School-Indianapolis-Indiana North Central High School – North Central High School of Indianapolis, Indiana, is a top Indianapolis school recognized for its decades of excellence in Indianapolis education.
  Northwest High School – Northwest High School is committed to seeing each of its students operate at the height of their capacity so that they are prepared to be fully independent.
Options-Charter-High-School Options Charter High School in Noblesville – Options Charter High School in Noblesville, Indiana is a publicly funded Indianapolis school aimed at helping at-risk students turn their Indianapolis education around.
  Perry Meridian High School – Perry Meridian High School, South of Indianapolis downtown, expects all of its students to ACHIEVE, a mission statement and acronym for its values.
  Roncalli High School – Roncalli High School in Indianapolis, Indiana is an inter-parochial archdiocesan Catholic high school providing faith and education of its students.
  Southport High School – Southport High School is the older sister school to Perry Meridian High School; both are located near each other just South of Indianapolis downtown.
  Speedway High School – Speedway Senior High School is located in Speedway, Indiana, only a few miles from the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  T.C. Howe Community High School – T.C. Howe Community High School is an Indianapolis Public School located on the East side of Indianapolis.
  Warren Central High School – Indianapolis kids in the Warren Central High region are some of the lucky ones, when it comes to their educational foundations.
Westfield-High-School-sign Westfield High School – Westfield High School of Westfield, Indiana is destined for excellence as they educate students in a community that cares.
Zionsville-Community-high-school Zionsville High School – The excellence at Zionsville Community High School, in Zionsville, Indiana just Northeast of Indianapolis downtown, has been recognized and awarded.