Indianapolis Artists

Indianapolis artists give scope and character to the society and culture of Indianapolis. Below is a partial list of some of the artists of Indianapolis, capital of Indiana and cultural capital as well.

Indianapolis Artists

  Lynn A. Andalman is an abstract artist with an interior design background, owner-operator of Lynn Andalman Designs in Indy.
  Doug Arnholter is an artist, musician and interior designer, and co-owner of Broad Ripple Art & Design and the creative force behind Mural of the World.
  Martine Bachelart was born and raised in Belgium; she has a degree in architecture.
  Lesley Baker is a sculptor and printmaker of high order; she also teaches at Indy’s Herron School of Art and Design.
  Karen Baldner is a well-known fine artist and fine art paper-maker.
  An abstract expressionist, Cynthia Blasingham is facile in many different kinds of artistic techniques.
  Christopher Blice is co-founder of the Blice Edwards Studios, which focuses on commissioned works from the private and corporate sector.
  Betty C. Boyle works in numerous artistic mediums to create her beautiful works, including Giclee prints.
  Lydia Burris is a non-traditional artist, photographer, muralist and sculptor; she also works extensively with the graphic arts.
  Amy Cannady paints abstract art and runs one of the most successful studio-galleries in Indianapolis, the Amy Cannady Studio.
  Mary Ann Davis has a background as a graphic designer and is the owner of Davis Graphic Design in Indianapolis. She is also a renowned landscape and portrait artist.
  Amy Falstrom seeks to express her deep respect for nature through abstract and expressionistic means on canvas.
  Becky Fehsenfeld: not only is she a gallery owner, but her art work has made her a well-known entity in the Indianapolis art community.
  Miles Fork creates in a unique medium: fusion photography. Combining graphic arts with organic images, Miles Fork is making a name for himself in fashion, glamour, and promotional photography.
  Pat Gaines-Mills is a contemporary abstract artist and is influenced by her background in illustration; she is also a teacher.
  Marianne Glick is one of the top acrylic and watercolor artists in the area, and is also a well-known business woman and philanthropist.
  Rosanna Hardin Hall is a recognized plein air artist, teacher, and writer.
  Categorizing herself as a “Paleolithic” artist, Ardis Harsche’s work focuses on heavily-layered, large pieces that hearken back to that period in time.
  Ting Huang came to Indianapolis from Taiwan and employs a pan-cultural approach to her bright abstract paintings.
  Robert Indiana is a world-renowned artist in the Pop Art genre and the creator of the famous “LOVE” Statues.
  Joyce K. Jensen – Joyce K. Jensen is an Indianapolis artist who works primarily in watercolor, an affinity she attributes to watercolor’s natural “luminosity.”
  Ben Johnson – This Cicero, Indiana artist works wonders with hand-blown glass sculptures in both an abstract and an organic style.
  Mary Johnston is a contemporary landscapes artist in Carmel, Indiana. Currently, she works and exhibits from The Artist’s Atelier, her studio above the Magdalena Gallery.
  James Kelly is an award-winning, professional animal and bird portrait artist.
  Amy Kindred’s style, whether abstract, expressionistic or representational, is always colorful, fresh and contemporary.
  Stephen King is a master of light and dark, and works mostly in oils in a vibrant palette.
  Owner of the CK Art Company in hometown Indianapolis, Carla Knopp is a well-known abstract painter, sculptor and muralist.
  Colleen Lauter is an old-school type impressionist; her subjects include land and seascapes as well as figures.
  Flounder Lee usually works through geometrical and abstract approaches to his artwork. He is also a film maker, photographer and installation artist.
  Michal Lile likes to call his artwork “concepts in paint.” They are full of provocative abstract shapes and colors.
  Well-known in the Indianapolis art world, Zachary Lopez uses mostly oil and acrylic media to create his idealized, somewhat pop-culture oriented pieces of art.
  A teacher at the Herron School of Art, Steve Mannheimer has made a living in the fine arts for over 40 years.
  J.D. Nolan is a Fishers, Indiana artist who has made an impact on the Indiana art world with his traditional black and white photographs.
  Brose Partington is a bright new Indianapolis artist. He has represented the Indianapolis arts community on the local, national, and international stages.
  Reza Pishgahi hails from Bloomington, Indiana, but he has been quite active in the Indianapolis art world. He works mainly in decorative glass and metal structures.
  Chitra Ramanathan is an Indianapolis artists, whose bright and colorful work reflects her world view.
  John Simms is an artist featured in the ARTSPARK of the Indianapolis Art Center.
  T.C. Steele is a famous impressionist from the turn of the twentieth century, one of the founders of The Hoosier Group, who pioneered plein air painting in the Midwest.
  Sylvia Sullivan Gray terms her work “intuitive,” and apart from her artwork, she also runs an online wearable art gallery.

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