Indianapolis Attractions | West

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pavilion Allstate 400 at the Brickyard This world-famous auto racing venue, set in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is presented annually for over a quarter million fans, making the Allstate 400 the most popular of all NASCAR races.
Pole Day at the Indianapolis 500 The Indianapolis 500 Some of the most exciting moments in sports on the planet occur every Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis at the ultra-famous Motor Speedway. This summertime spectacle is much-anticipated all year round. The 500 Festival, which grew up around the event, brings out the entire community and visitors from all over the world, racing fans or not.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum A great place to visit whether you like auto racing or not, this huge museum exhibits vintage and classic cars as well as dozens of the vehicles that won the famous Indy 500 in the past.