Interactive Intelligence Inc, Smart Global Talk from Indianapolis

One of the 25 largest public Indianapolis companies, Interactive Intelligence Inc. provides call center software with an interactive contact center, as well as state-of-the-art IP telephony services.

What does IP mean, you ask? At one time, IP telephony was just another acronym, but no longer. Today it touches the lives of just about every human on the planet. “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol.” IP telephony is the catchall term for any and all technologies using the Internet Protocol to transmit voice and fax the way the telephone, fast growing obsolete, did for so many generations. Basically, IP telephony means talking over the Internet, on a global level.

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Interactive Intelligence Inc‘s world headquarters are located on the western border of Indianapolis north, a fast-expanding area containing Zionsville and the ever-popular Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village. As recently as May of 2009, Interactive Intelligence was named one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

This award-winning, publicly traded Internet telephony company provides call center software (also referred to as “contact center software”) which uses an “all-in-one” IP platform to provide seamless service globally and to unify all aspects of communications. In the arena of innovation, no other IP telephony company has beaten Interactive Intelligence.

This global company benefits the world, without a doubt, but has played a hand in the betterment of hometown Indianapolis society, culture and community as well. Of the many burgeoning businesses in Indianapolis, Interactive Intelligence Inc. is one of the strongest, and one of the most wide-reaching.

Some impressive awards granted in recognition to Interactive Intelligence are:

  • Fortune’s Small Business Magazine: “Fastest Growing Public Companies” for the year 2008
  • “Hot Growth 50” for BusinessWeek in 2008
  • “Best All-in-One Multimedia Contact Center” awarded by Miercom‘s in 2008
  • TMC Labs “Innovation Award” for 2008
  • Software Magazine’s “Global Top 500 Software and Services Companies” for the year 2008

Interactive Intelligence

World Headquarters
7601 Interactive Way
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Phone & Fax: 317.872.3000
Toll Free: 800.267.1364

Interactive Intelligence
7635 Interactive Way, Ste 400
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Phone & Fax: 317.872.3000
Toll Free: 800.267.1364