Lincoln Bancorp – Indianapoils Bank of the People

Lincoln Bancorp is the publicly traded holding company for the heavyweight Indiana banking conglomerate, Lincoln Federal Savings Bank, out of Indianapolis. Lincoln Federal has offices in the west-central sector of Indiana, and is in the midst of an expansion due to a recent merger. Located out of Plainfield, Indiana, Lincoln Bancorp is a fast-growing suburb just southwest of bustling Indianapolis.

This Indianapolis bank has long been a cornerstone and caretaker for Midwesterners’ money matters. They provide the usual banking services, such as savings and checking accounts, IRA’s, money market accounts and CDs. Along with that, Lincoln bank in Indianapolis also packs a wallop when it comes to loans of all types, including consumer, commercial and private real estate and business loans. And when it comes to business in Indianapolis and beyond, the company is well-equipped to handle the banking needs of companies large and small.

Lincoln Bancorp has recently undergone a metamorphosis that will continue to increase their punching power. In December of 2008, the First Merchants Corporation, based out of Muncie, Indiana, announced their merger with Lincoln Bancorp of Plainfield. The resultant $830 million asset pool will prove the adage, “in union there is strength,” and serve the Clinton, Montgomery, Morgan, Madison, Hendricks, Hamilton, Brown and Johnson counties in central Indiana dozens of banking centers.

Improved convenience in the form of more service and product options, such as trusts, insurance and wealth management, are also welcome results of the big merger. Well-received at the 2008 special shareholder meeting, the $78 million merger between Lincoln Bancorp and First Merchants Corporation granted Lincoln Bancorp shareholders common stock in First Merchant, as well as a lump sum of $16.8 million in exchange for common shares in Lincoln.

Ranking well into the official list of 25 largest Indianapolis public companies, Lincoln Bancorp maintains a solid presence on the stock exchange. The Indianapolis bank was founded way back in 1884, and has been a bank of the people since then, with an eye to the needs of Indianapolis society and a nod to the past Indianapolis history that has served these sons of the pioneers so well. Today, as Indianapolis real estate and homes for sale in suburban cities such as Noblesville, Fishers and Carmel,Indiana, continue to expand, companies like Indianapolis bank Lincoln Federal provide the foundation for success in an ever-changing background of change.


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