MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc.

MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. is Indiana’s leading supplier of heavy equipment. Caterpillar brand construction, mining, landscaping and agriculture equipment are the primary products sold by the company.

The headquarters of MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. are located just off of I-465 on the eastside of Indianapolis, but there are 14 other locations throughout the Hoosier State. Beech Grove, Bloomington, Fishers, Fort Wayne, Greensburg, Lafayette, Muncie, Richmond and Terre Haute are just a few cities in Indiana where MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. locations can be found.

MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. has a rich Indianapolis history, beginning in 1945. E. W. MacAllister was offered to be Caterpillar Tractor Company’s exclusive dealer throughout most Indiana counties. Given the state’s rich farming tradition, the company was a big hit, and has remained in the MacAllister family since its opening. The business is now one of the largest private Indianapolis companies. E.W. MacAllister passed the business along to P.E. MacAllister, and then it was passed to Chris MacAllister. For three generations, this family-owned business has been striving and growing.

In 2008, MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. began supporting Indianapolis sports by joining the rich Indianapolis racing tradition. The company partnered with David Powers Motorsports and Hot Rod Fuller to sponsor the NHRA U.S. Nationals race, held at the O’Reilly Raceway Park. MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. has also sponsored several efforts and events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

During World War II, the MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. played their part in the war efforts when the demand for construction machinery went through the roof. The company has expanded over the years due to customer needs, and in 1999 MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. opened a rental division. This commitment to customer needs and satisfaction has led to the company’s loyal customer base.

MacAllister Machiner Co. Inc. guarantees customers in-depth knowledge, first-class service, trustworthy understanding and the right equipment right at hand.

MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc.
7515 E 30th St
Indianapolis, IN 46219