Norwood Promotional Products

Norwood Promotional Products is an Indianapolis based company that supplies imprinted promotional products. More than 5,000 promotional products are offered by the business, and there are hundreds of new products designed each year. Norwood Promotional Products has become one of the industry’s largest and most respected suppliers.

The company was founded in 1989, and now is one of the largest private Indianapolis companies, with locations worldwide. Several Indianapolis businesses and groups rely on Norwood Promotional Products for their advertising supplies. The company also makes products for Indianapolis education programs and Indianapolis arts organizations.

Norwood Promotional Products does not directly distribute their products to clients, they only deal with promotional product distributors directly. This operational strategy allows Norwood Promotional Products to help businesses achieve their individualized promotional goals.

Norwood Promotional Products has taken a special interest in the Green Movement by producing environmentally friendly plastics. This also helps to promote Indianapolis health because their products are BPA free and user friendly. Products included in the company’s line are writing utensils, office supplies, calendars, bags, drink containers, kitchen supplies and tools. There are several products that can be used by Indianapolis sports teams, especially golfers. Norwood Promotional Products has a whole line of promotional golf apparel and supplies. Nike, Adidas, Callaway, Titleist, Top Flite, Footjoy and Wilson are all brands that have partnerships with Norwood Promotional Products.

The company has a very concise and direct mission statement, which is “delivering a positive Norwood experience.” There are four pillars of strength that allow Norwood Promotional Products to achieve their mission: trust, quality, service and people. In order to maintain their reputation for quality customer services, the company offers free 24-hour service and rush delivery.

Products created by the company can be found in countless Indianapolis homes, on souvenirs, t-shirts, office supplies and other objects that have business names and advertisements on them.

Norwood Promotional Products
10 W Market St Suite 1400
Indianapolis, IN 46204