OneAmerica is a nationwide company that is headquartered in downtown Indianapolis. The 38 story OneAmerica Tower has been part of the Indianapolis skyline since 1982, and is built entirely from from Indiana limestone. The company is not only an Indianapolis business, but it is licensed in 49 other states, and sells individual, group, disability, medical and long-term care insurance.

The large OneAmerica building can’t be missed when driving downtown Indianapolis because it was the city’s tallest building for nearly twenty years. Now it is the second tallest building in the skyline, because the Chase Tower took the number one spot in the 1990s. There is an Indianapolis restaurant located inside the OneAmerica Tower called the Skyline Club Restaurant, along with a multitude of other amenities.

The Tower is a must see tourist attraction in Indianapolis because of how large it is. OneAmerica is also located just around the corner from Monument Circle and Circle Center Mall.

OneAmerica has been insuring Hoosier families for many generations, and the company began more than 130 years ago. OneAmerica has a hand in Indianapolis health because they offer many different forms of medical insurance to Indy residents and business owners. They handle life insurance, retirement and employee benefits for members and customers.

OneAmerica is not a licensed insurance company, because they are a stock holding company. Many insurance companies are a part of the OneAmerica network, and this allows financial advisers to provide the best options and solutions to their clients.

Near the OneAmerica property, there are two of the company’s signboards that usually host a funny comment or joke. The signboard was placed in a location that is visible to many drivers who may be stuck in the traffic at the heart of the Crossroads of America. This has become an Indianapolis tradition over the years, and people can submit suggestions for the signboard on the company’s website.

P.O. Box 368
Indianapolis Indiana 46206