Republic Airways Holdings:Fly the Best, Forget the Rest

Republic Airways Holdings is a regional jet company based out of Indianapolis, and frankly they are the best at what they do. This Indianapolis business was recently voted by Air Transport World as the “2008 Regional Airline of the Year” marking the second time in the last four years that Republic Airways has taken the honor. When the facts are as plain as this it is hard to make an argument for the opposition.

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Today Republic Airways headquarters are north of downtown Indianapolis, just off I-465 at Michigan Road. However, Republic Airways has not always called the Circle City home. When the company first took to the air they had only two planes which  were flying under the name of Chautauqua Airlines. This small company was based out of Jamestown, New York. Although this airline did eventually grow in size and services, they were not at the level they knew the company could perform at.

In 1994 Republic Airways moved their headquarters from the East coast to Indianapolis  to better serve a major partner of theirs, US Air.  In 1999 Republic Airways brought in a new CEO named Bryan Bedford. One of Mr. Bedford’s first self-imposed tasks was to build a leadership team of experienced industry veterans to help him develop a business plan that focused on the efficient deployment of jets. From that moment forward Republic Airways took off, pun intended.

Republic Airways went public in 2004 and soon after started rising up the list of largest public Indianapolis companies. While the Indianapolis International Airport is where many of Republic Airways flights originate the company has expanded to the point where they can be found on the tarmac of any major airport throughout the Mid-West and all along the East coast. Republic now offers over 1200 daily flights to 105 cities in 36 states as well as service to Mexico, Canada and Jamaica.

Their reputation for excellence has helped Republic Airways form partnerships with seven world-wide airlines such as Delta, Continental and US Airways. These partnerships have caused Republic Airways to grow exponentially. In 2008 alone Republic carried over 18 million passengers more than 9.7 million miles, hopefully pilots are allowed to collect frequent flyer miles.

Republic Airways growth as a company has added to the  number of Indianapolis jobs. Not only are Hoosiers needed to fly, maintain and service their fleet of airplanes, but local residents also keep the Republic Airways headquarters up and running. This company has changed quite a bit over the years.  From their meager start in a small New York town, to their dominance as a the best regional jet service, Republic Airways has always kept one goal in mind.

This goal has transformed into the Republic Airways mission statement. ” Working together we will provided the safest, most reliable, and convenient travel experience for ours passengers,a positive and rewarding work environment for our employees, and develop mutually beneficial  working relationships with our business partners.” This is their mission statement but more importantly, it is Republic Airways promise to you.

Republic Airways Holdings
8909 Purdue Rd Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46268