Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: Engineering the Future

Located in the busy city of Terre Haute, Indiana, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is one of the premiere colleges in the United States for engineering, science, and mathematics. Though it’s a technical institute, Rose-Hulman still features courses in humanities and social sciences and has a lot of cultural and artistic resources at its students’ disposal. One of the 25 largest Indiana colleges and universities, Rose-Hulman is larger than the University of Phoenix but smaller than DePauw University. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology seeks to train the logical thinkers and builders of tomorrow through academic exploration, intense internship opportunities, a thriving campus life, and a successful athletics program.

Video tour of the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana


Campus and Culture

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is just east of Terre Haute, a large town about an hour southwest of Indianapolis that is also home to Indiana State University. The town itself is a lively place, full of culture, art, and music, even rivaling some of the finest Indianapolis attractions. There are tons of things to do in Terre Haute, including art galleries, museums, musical groups, a planetarium, and many well groomed Indiana golf courses. If you’ve maxed out your Indianapolis things to do list, Terre Haute might be a good place to go.

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In addition to the exciting activities available in the neighboring town of Terre Haute, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology also offers several places on campus for students to unwind after a long day of class and studies. The Grace & Anton Hulman Union is the center for student activity at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, offering campus dining, conference rooms that can be reserved by student groups and members of the community, several institute offices, and the school’s bookstore. All these amenities are housed in a state of the art facility that is designed to be efficient as well as beautiful.

Inside the Grace & Anton Hulman Union building is Chauncey’s Gameroom, a popular student hangout. Inside Chauncey’s, students can play a competitive game of foosball, pool, or table tennis to decompress and empty their brains of all the tough skills they’ve learned throughout the day. In addition, Chauncey’s offers free DVD rental for students of Rose-Hulman. The rental library features over 500 titles, and students can request new titles to be added through Chauncey’s DVD request box or instant messenger. Getting a free movie is sure less expensive than going to see a movie at an Indianapolis theater!

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Since Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is focused on math, science, and engineering, you might think that they don’t reserve any respect for the arts. However, Rose-Hulman takes pride in its variety of cultural contributions; just because it’s a hard science school doesn’t mean its students can’t express themselves creatively. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers two main sources of culture to students: the Rose-Hulman Performance Series and the Rose-Hulman Collection.

The Rose-Hulman Performance Series is a continually popular attraction for Terre Haute┬átheatre-goers that is a great complement to Indianapolis performing arts. The series is sponsored by the Indiana Arts Commission, First Financial Bank, Terre Haute Savings Bank, and Indy‘s own Eli Lilly and Company. Last year, the performance series featured Grant Imahara, a personality on the popular television show Mythbusters, the Russian National Ballet performing Swan Lake, and a performance of CSI: Live! by the theatre group Mad Science.

In addition, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology also sponsors an art museum and gallery that can stand tall against any Indianapolis art museum or Indianapolis art gallery. The Rose-Hulman Collection is an art gallery and an art museum that features works created by contemporary artists and artists throughout history. Many of the featured works are by Indiana artists and members of the Indianapolis art community, like the paintings of Indiana watercolor master D. Omer Seamon and the Tri Kappa Collection, which features over 100 paints and crafts by Hoosier artists. The collection has photographs, paintings, sculpture, and many other mediums for visitors and students alike to immerse themselves in.

If you’re feeling like you’re stressed and overworked, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has you covered there as well. Though the school is a secular institution, it still has a place for religion on campus. The White Chapel is a non-denominational center of prayer and reflection where students can take a load off their hearts and minds. This iconic building is situated on one of the two campus lakes and provides a peaceful atmosphere for people of all faiths. Many of the furnishings are made of exquisite red oak from Rose-Hulman’s campus, the conical shape of the building is supported by stainless steel and diamond cut panels, and the east end of the chapel is made entirely of glass so patrons of the chapel can take in the natural beauty of the Indiana landscape.

Academics and Achievements

While Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is at the middle of the road as far as enrollment numbers are concerned with just over 2,000 students, it is one of the best science-oriented schools in the nation. The institute has won a huge amount of accolades for its commitment to creating a thriving scientific community. U.S. News and World Report gave Rose-Hulman their top spot in 2009 survey of higher education for the tenth year in a row, marking a decade of success for the school.

The magazine stated that Rose-Hulman is the top engineering institution whose highest degree is a bachelor’s or a master’s. In addition, four of the institute’s engineering programs scored top honors, and their chemical engineering program was ranked second in the poll. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has also been praised by the Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide, The Princeton Review, Barron’s Guide to the Most Prestigious Colleges, CosmoGirl, and The Fiske Guide to Colleges.

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To see why Rose-Hulman has been awarded all these honors, one only has to look at the facts. The school chooses the best and brightest for admission; last year, the average freshman graduated in the top 8% of his or her class. The average freshman SAT scores were 610 for reading and 670 for math. In 2008, there were over 3,000 applications for a 500 member freshman class; of those 500 freshman, over 50 were of the top three students in their class and over half played varsity sports or were involved in performance art.

The school has a nearly 100% career placement rate, with most students making almost $60,000 in their first year. Students get personal care and attention by a highly skilled staff, because the school’s student to faculty ratio is a very good twelve to one, and the average class size is only twenty. All these factors combine to create a highly trained, bright, and functional student body.

Video of the 2009 homecoming bonfire (lit by trebuchet) at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has several academic departments from which to choose from, all of which are highly acclaimed and will lead to an excellent position in Indianapolis business or elsewhere. Rose-Hulman features two ROTC departments (Army and Air Force) and nine engineering programs (Applied Biology and Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science & Software, Electrical & Computer, Engineering Management, Environmental, Mechanical, and Physics & Optical), in addition to the departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Mathematics. Of these engineering programs, the Computer, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering departments were ranked #1 by the U.S. News and World Report survey, while the Chemical Engineering department took second place.

In addition to the traditional academic programs offered at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the school also sponsors an unparalleled real-world opportunity for its students: Rose-Hulman Ventures. Rose-Hulman Ventures are somewhat like internships for higher level students. The school sources out top engineering undergraduates to leading companies in order to help those companies develop solutions to various design problems. Students coordinate with people within the company to solve challenges that will lead to great product success. Often this involves working with a team of engineers already in place to prototype, develop, and test a workable outcome.

Promotional video for Rose Hulman Ventures at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana


The difference between Rose-Hulman Ventures and a traditional internship is that Rose-Hulman Ventures create a usable, real-world solution to a real-world problem, not just abstract facts and findings. This means that students actually gain practical workforce experience, a valuable asset that helps explain why Rose-Hulman’s career placement rate is so high. Rose-Hulman Ventures fall in several different fields of study, including automotive and transportation, industrial controls, energy, laboratory equipment and logistics, and many more, meaning that students can gain insight into any career they wish.


Usually when you think of a technical institute, top quality Indiana sports don’t come to mind. But Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has some of the best sports teams and facilities in NCAA Division III sports. Rose-Hulman belongs to the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, which also includes Anderson University and Franklin College. The Indiana school fields a total of 22 different sports teams, including volleyball, soccer, football, and cross-country.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology also has some of the best sports facilities in the state. All its indoor facilities are housed in the $20 million Sports & Recreation Center, including Cook Stadium, which can seat over 2,500 fans for exciting college football games. Each year, the kings of Indianapolis sports, the Indianapolis Colts, depart from Lucas Oil Stadium and come to Cook Stadium for their summer training camp, a huge honor for Rose-Hulman. The institute is also home to Hulbert Arena, which hosted the women’s version of the NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2002 and 2003; Art Nehf Field, a recently renovated baseball diamond; and the Rose-Hulman Softball Field, which college softball players call one of the best sports venues in the Midwest.

Video highlights of a basketball game at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana


But what’s the use of excellent facilities without good sports teams to back them up? Rose-Hulman has a plethora of exciting varsity sports to keep their venues packed and lively. In the 2008-2009 HCAC Commissioner’s Cup standings, Rose-Hulman ranked third overall, first in men’s sports, and sixth in women’s sports. The Rose-Hulman men’s soccer and men’s track and field teams both took home the HCAC Regular Season trophy, with the soccer team posting a 14-5 overall record and a 7-0-1 conference record with victories over Franklin College and Wabash College, and a tie with DePauw University.

Engineering the Future

All in all, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is an excellent example of the quality of schools in Indianapolis and Indiana. The institute has been ranked #1 by U.S. News and World Report for ten years in a row, and has garnered attention from a host of other prestigious publications. Rose-Hulman Ventures send students out into the world to flex their engineering muscles, and almost all of them come back with valuable workforce experience. The school has almost a perfect post-graduate career placement rate, and most of its students go on to become leaders in their fields. Rose-Hulman’s sports teams and facilities are renowned throughout the Midwest as some of the best in the region. It’s clear that Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology will be an integral part of the future of Indiana science and technology.

For more information on the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, please visit the school’s homepage.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
5500 Wabash Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47803

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