Steak n Shake Co, Best in Indianapolis Restaurants and Businesses

The Steak n Shake Company, also known as “Steak ‘n Shake Operations, Inc.,” maintains its corporate headquarters smack in the middle of the effervescent downtown Indianapolis sector, next to the famous Circle Centre Mall and Indianapolis sightseeing haven, Monument Circle. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol SNS, this restaurant giant was created way back in 1934 and has been feeding Indianapolis society, and far beyond, ever since.

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The story of this Indianapolis restaurant chain reads like a fairy tale and a fable for hard work, persistence and integrity. Steak n Shake has been making their famous “Steakburger” sandwich and special homemade-style milk shakes since the restaurant chain’s inception. Their focus has always been on pleasing each and every customer with offerings such as special-order steak patties and real china on the tables.

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The Steak n Shake Company is comprised of 502 steak restaurants in some 21 states, with 66 franchises. Someone somewhere apparently got the recipe right. That someone was undoubtedly the restaurant’s founder, Gus Belt, an unassuming guy from Illinois who started with an unassuming little chicken restaurant attached to his gas station. Once he decided to switch to steak, things started taking off. As canny as he was talented, Gus used to make it a habit to grind a barrel filled with sirloin steaks, round steaks and T-bones right in front of his hungry guests’ eyes to produce his “Steakburger” sandwiches. Steak n Shake claims that their now-famous sandwich is still the best burger in the world.

Today, the Steak n Shake Company occupies the rank of eleventh among the 25 largest Indianapolis public companies, with no end in sight. Who, other than a Vegan, doesn’t love a great steakburger with a shake? Steak n Shake is considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in Indianapolis; there’s no doubt that it’s a powerful palate pleaser across the nation as well.

The Steak n Shake Company
Corporate Headquarters
36 S Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis, IN 46204