University of Phoenix: Working Adults Rejoice!

Though there are many Indiana colleges that are celebrated bastions of higher education, from the red brick engineering haven of Purdue University to the limestone center for liberal arts of Indiana University, not too many of them cater specifically to working adults. Even Ivy Tech Community College, with its huge number of campuses, bevy of online courses, and flexible schedules, deals with students straight out of high school as well as full time workers.
Only the University of Phoenix is dedicated to meeting the needs of the nation’s adult working class population. Despite the fact that it has over 200 campuses worldwide, the University of Phoenix is in the middle of the list of the 25 largest Indiana colleges and universities. The combined enrollment of its three Indiana campuses is slightly larger than the University of Saint Francis and smaller than Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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Campuses and History

The University of Phoenix was founded over three decades ago, in 1976, with a singular mission: to provide a high quality and highly accessible education to working adults by combining technology, a dedicated faculty, and flexible scheduling. Dr. John Sperling, a Cambridge graduate who specialized in economics, created the university close to the advent of the personal computer. He wanted to create a university designed to suit the distinct needs, situations, and abilities of the country’s working adult population, something that most other four year colleges at the time had failed to do.

Throughout its three decades of existence, the university has paved the way for full scale development of e-books, e-learning tools, flexible evening classes, e-libraries, and interactive online forums. Nowadays, the University of Phoenix is the largest private university on the entire continent, providing post-secondary education to millions of people who otherwise would be stuck with only a high school diploma.
The University of Phoenix is primarily an online university, specializing in courses conducted via message boards, class chat rooms, and webcam networks. However, the university also has over 200 physical campuses spread throughout the United States. The campuses provide face to face interaction with professors and fellow students along with the ease of an online curriculum. The three Indiana campuses are the Indianapolis campus, a student center in Greenwood, and the Northwest campus in Merrillville.

The University of Phoenix Indianapolis campus is part of the pantheon of great Indianapolis schools, along with Butler University, the University of Indianapolis, and Indiana University – Purdue University (IUPUI). It’s located in northeast Indianapolis on Knue Road, near Castleton Square Mall and Fort Harrison State Park. The campus is a fairly easy drive from downtown Indianapolis, meaning that Indianapolis residents and students in the Indianapolis region all have access to this state of the art building. The campus building holds evening classes and study groups designed around your schedule, so you don’t have to leave your job or your kids to come to school.

Promotional video for the University of Phoenix, an online college that has a branch in Indianapolis

In addition to the Indianapolis campus, the University of Phoenix also offers the Indianapolis South Student Resource Center in nearby Greenwood, Indiana.  Greenwood is a suburb of Indianapolis, about half an hour from the city proper and 45 minutes from the University of Phoenix’s Indianapolis branch. The University of Phoenix Student Resource Center is designed to fit the needs of its students. The center provides tutoring services in basic courses and general study skills using either physical tutors or online tutors via the University of Phoenix’s Online Center for Academic Progress (CAPline). This convenient location also allows students to use its computer labs for participating in online courses, completing homework assignments, or doing research. The Student Resource Center also allows full use of its printing and copying services and rents out conference rooms for small groups or professors to meet.
As for the rest of Indiana, the University of Phoenix also has an Online University hub in Merrillville, Indiana. This northwest Indiana branch allows its students to take a course three to five days a week at a time of their own choosing. The physical facility has private computer stations and workrooms so students can concentrate on their studies. Participants use online message boards and downloadable content to earn their degrees.

Academics and Features

As previously stated, the University of Phoenix has over 200 campuses nationwide where students can get a leg up on higher education. On this multitude of campuses, students can earn degrees from five main departments within the University of Phoenix, in addition to Axia College of University of Phoenix and the School of Advanced Studies, which deals with doctorate and higher degrees. The five University of Phoenix departments are the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Health and Human Services, the College of Information Systems and Technology, and the John Sperling School of Business. In addition, the University of Phoenix also provides two specialized programs, Corporate Education and domestic military training.
The keyword to a University of Phoenix education is flexibility. Students can complete their degree from anywhere and at any time of their choosing. One of the more popular ways to complete a degree at the university is through online learning. These courses are different from some of the more common online classes; instead of reading dull course material and answering questions on an anonymous forum, students are actively engaged in their own learning process. They meet online using small groups, have question and answer sessions, and complete team-based assignments.

The University of Phoenix’s online courses are fully interactive, but can still be done during a student’s free time. University of Phoenix students only take one course at a time, so they can place all of their focus on the lasting study of that class. The university also has an active presence on many social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, so students can always stay connected.
The school also offers campus-based learning. While it’s not quite the traditional education you’d get at a school like the University of Notre Dame or DePauw University, it’s a seamless fusion of online and face to face courses. Students at one of the many University of Phoenix campuses can attend classes in person as well as be part of a “Learning Team” to develop their studies. Students will also give presentations to polish their public speaking skills, something that can’t be done through online learning. However, classes meet once a week, and many of the course requirements must be or can be completed online.
While the University of Phoenix offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees, perhaps its most convenient accomplishment is the ability to complete an associate’s degree entirely online. This is made possible through Axia College of University of Phoenix. Axia College courses are available completely online, and the university provides free tech support 24/7 in case something goes wrong. The curriculum doesn’t waste time with any superfluous subjects; they teach you what you need to know, and teach it comprehensively. Classes at Axia are limited to 20 students, so there will always be personalized care for each and every person involved. Students are expected to “attend” class three days a week, though this can be at any time of their choosing, even different times and days each week if they want.

Promotional video for the Axia College of the University of Phoenix, an online college with a campus in Indianapolis

In addition to the standard degree programs and Axia College of University of Phoenix, the university also provides several highly specialized courses and certificate programs. One of the most important of these is the Continuing Teacher Education program. Here, teachers can take graduate-level courses entirely online in order to gain re-certification or earn additional job skills. Teacher Education courses offered include administration, special education, and teaching skills and methods. This program helps to improve the educators of Indianapolis, and in turn, the entire Indianapolis education system.
In addition to the Continuing Teacher Education program, the school also offers certification in a variety of fields, as well as a wide array of professional development courses. Professional development courses are one week, non-credit courses that students can use to improve their skills in a given discipline, including Writing and Corporate Image, Understanding Managerial Finance, and Building Customer Rapport. Professional development courses are sure to help people trying to get a leg up in Indianapolis business.

Working Adults Rejoice!

Thanks to the University of Phoenix, working adults can now complete their post-secondary degrees with the greatest of ease. The university offers a bevy of online courses as well face to face learning courses spread out over 200 campuses across the United States. The University of Phoenix adjusts to your schedule to provide you with the best learning opportunities available. It has over 100 degree programs, including specialized degrees and post-baccalaureate degrees. Students can take professional development courses to improve their career skills, and the Continuing Teacher Education program makes sure that Indiana’s educators are constantly evolving.

For more information on the University of Phoenix, please visit the school’s homepage.

University of Phoenix Indiana Campus Locations

University of Phoenix – Indianapolis Campus
999 Knue Rd, Ste 150
Indianapolis, IN 46250

University of Phoenix – Indianapolis South Student Resource Center
3209 W Smith Valley Rd, Ste 214 & 215
Greenwood, IN 46142
Phone: 317.851.5500
Fax: 317.851.5555

University of Phoenix – Northwest Indiana Campus
8401 Ohio St
Merrillville, IN 46410

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