Vertellus Specialties Inc.

Vertellus Specialties Inc. provides specialty chemicals for several markets, including personal care, pharmaceutical & medical, polymers & plastics, sealants & adhesives, inks, coating and agriculture products. Several other Indianapolis businesses, farmers and other clients rely of Vertellus for the products that keep their companies going.

Vertellus Specialties Inc. is the product of a merge between Reilly Industries and Rutherford Chemicals, two large Indianapolis companies. Under its current title, the company began in July of 2006, but their business roots stretch as far back as 1857, when founders began processing castor oil. This global company is known worldwide today as a leader in natural-based castor oil chemistry. While operating under a different title, Vertellus Specialties Inc. aided in the efforts of World War II when there was a rubber shortage. They produced synthetic pyridine and pyridine derivatives, which helped make synthetic tires for war vehicles.

Vertellus Specialties Inc. helps the agriculture business by producing herbicides capable of controlling pests, and eliminating bacteria, fungi and viral compounds, while also being less stressful to the environment. This environmental conciousness helps Hoosier farmers and keeps them involved in the green movement. Vertellus Specialties Inc. is committed to environmental and pollution awareness, and they create products that are environmentally friendly and safe.

Vertellus Specialties Inc. is involved with Indianapolis health because of their several products designed to prevent diseases or protect consumers. For example, perhaps the best known products from Vertellus Specialties Inc. are deet-based bug repellants. The chemical is designed to keep bugs away, while also warding off the diseases they might transfer. Also within the realm of healthcare, Vertellus Specialties Inc. has a line called Vertellus Biomaterials that produces biocompatible materials that improve the performance of medical devices.

Another brand within the company umbrella is Metrotect Limited, which produces specialty liquid polyurethane and other chemicals that act as coating systems for pipelines. These products are used in some of the most hostile environments in the world, protecting from pipeline corrosion and leakage. This is just another way Vertellus Specialties Inc. is involved in protecting the environment and preventing harmful chemicals from entering the air and soil. In this way, the company is involved in protecting the general Indianapolis society, community and culture.

Vertellus Specialties Inc. bases its headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, across the street from University Park and just a few blocks away from Monument Circle.

Vertellus Specialties Inc.
300 N Meridian St Suite 15
Indianapolis, IN 46204