White River Capital Inc. – Automobile Financing in Indianapolis and Beyond

Among Indianapolis businesses, White River Capital Inc. is a force to be reckoned with. With corporate offices located on the eastern edge of Indianapolis, Indiana, directly east of the famous Fountain Square district, this publicly traded financial services organization provides short-term consumer credit in the form of automobile finance and personal credit.

Begun in the year 2004, White River Capital Inc. is listed on the NYSE under the trading symbol RVR. This holding company has about 122 employees, representing many White River Capital locations across the country.

White River Capital Inc. contains two subsidiaries:

Coastal Credit, LLC
is a sub-prime financing company for cars and automobile dealers. Coastal Credit has been in this business since 1984, focusing primarily on purchasing used car contracts from dealerships. This company maintains a presence in some 22 states.

Union Acceptance Company LLC
, a specialized financing company for automobiles. This was once a separate publicly traded auto financing company, which was reorganized and given new life after a bankruptcy in the year 2002.

White River Capital frequently finds its way to the list of “25 Largest Indianapolis Public Companies.” Though the corporate offices are not actually located in the famous Canal and White River State Park district in Indianapolis, the White River is a long, noble one that flows throughout the state of Indiana, and it is undoubtedly from that waterway that the name of the company was taken.


White River Capital, Inc.
1445 Brookville Way, Ste I
Indianapolis, IN 46239
Fax: 317.806.2167

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