CTI Group Holdings, Inc. – Sophisticated Global Telephony

Some 45 countries around the globe have CTI Group Holdings, Inc. installations. This heavyweight company, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been a world leader in call management and call recording, eBilling and all types of communications telephony management, including VoIP and mobile, for more than twenty years.

About CTI Group eBilling

One day, perhaps very soon, paper money will be completely obsolete. The benefits of eBilling are simply too many to ignore. CTI Group has long been on the cutting edge of this relatively new endeavor. They provide smoothly operational, sophisticated analysis and dynamic reports that benefit both the business using them and their customers.

Some of the service provider’s benefits CTI Group lists for eBilling are:

  • Reduced cost for billing and distribution
  • Increased customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction
  • Sophisticated, customizable solutions
  • Faster market delivery

Some of the end user’s benefits CTI Group lists for eBilling are:

  • Better transparency
  • A more supple method to manage activity
  • Faster bill processing
  • More comprehensive billing

Some of CTI Group’s powerful eBilling products are:

  • Analysis 5
  • Dynamic Reports
  • SplitBill
  • Proteus
  • emPulse
  • SmartRecord IP
  • SmartRecord Online

About CTI Group Call Recording

CTI Group provides up-to-date solutions to meet the increasing need for accurate call recording and retrieval in this ever-shrinking, technologically advanced world of ours. Accuracy in call recording has a long list of benefits attached to it, from providing an instant training tool to call monitoring to indisputable conflict resolution.

Some of CTI Group’s powerful call recording products are:

  • SmartRecord IP
  • SmartRecord Online

About CTI Group Call Accounting

Call accounting systems are telecommunications applications for the accurate capturing and pricing of each and every telephone “event.” A log of sorts is created for inbound and outbound telephony occurrences of all types, and provided to the user.

Good call accounting is fast becoming no longer an option for global business management, and CTI Group, with its long experience in the years that count, possesses an edge of excellence.

To cover every possible necessity, CTI Group provides two different call accounting systems, Proteus and emPulse.

Proteus consists of the following hardware and software applications:

  • Proteus Enterprise – Uses multiple switching platforms in various countries for real-time or scheduled call accounting
  • Proteus Enterprise P-Series – Uses the same engine as the Proteus Enterprise, but aimed at small-to-medium enterprises. Single-switch.
  • Proteus Fraud Guard – Call accounting plus heightened telephonic security.
  • Proteus Trader – A call accounting system designed for investment traders and banks.
  • Proteus Trader D-Series – Built specifically for small traders.
  • Proteus VoIp QMS – This add-on improves the overally quality of an existing VoIP system.

emPulse allows the provider to offer their customers an accurate, multi-tenant application hosted by the provider. This system is intended for use by businesses and industries with heavy phone traffic.

CTI Group consistently ranks as one of the 25 largest Indianapolis public companies, and has long been a forerunner in Indianapolis business. New liability and legislative ordinances require more call recording accuracy; CTI Group provides flexible solutions to some of the major industries on the planet.


CTI Group (Holdings), Incorporated
333 North Alabama St, Ste 240
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1767
Fax: 317.262.4849
Toll-free: 1.877.284.5669

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