Atlas World Group Inc.

In more than 140 countries around the world Atlas World Group Inc. is a leader in transportation and relocation. In 1948, a group of entrepreneurs formed the cooperative called Atlas Van Lines, which has evolved into one of the largest Indiana private companies, and one of the most respected names in the transportation industry. The co-op now forms a network of more than 500 agents who have a commitment to the company’s three main values of integrity, quality and solutions.

Atlas World Group Inc. headquarters is located in Evansville, Indiana. Atlas Van Lines is the flagship company of Atlas World Group Inc., and it is also the second largest interstate motor carrier in the United States. It makes sense that it would be hearquartered in the Crossroads of America, in the southern part of the Hoosier State. This company offers relocation services of household goods for movers throughout North America.  Atlas Van lines also specializes in transporting special products and commodities, such as fine arts, store fixtures and electronics. Most of the work the company performs is between states or countries in North America. In Canada, Atlas Van Lines is the most progressive and fastest-growing van line in the country.

Another company that falls under the Atlas World Group Inc. umbrella is Atlas Van Lines International. This company is based out of Seattle, Washington, and extends freight transportation services to agents and customers worldwide. Other companies affiliated with Atlas World Group Inc. include Red Ball International, American Vanpac Carriers, Cornerstone Relocation Group, Avail Resource Management, Tital Global Distribution, Atlas World-Class Travel and Atlas Terminal Company. Together, this band of companies offers transportation and moving services to people everywhere. Over the last 10 years, the company has seen extensive growth. Income from all operations has more than doubled, and now it exceeds $900 million annually.

In 2003, Atlas World Group Inc. wanted to show customers its softer side by introducing Sniffer the puppy as the new mascot. The point of adopting Sniffer from a local humane society was to demonstrate to customers that Atlas considers every member of the family and important part. It also shows that transportation and moving involves more than just objects, but people and lifestyles too. The current slogan with Sniffer the puppy is “Atlas is your best friend.”

Another effort to reach out to customers is the Atlas World Group Inc.’s interactive Web site. Price quotes, important information, policies and services are available to customers at the click of the mouse. Countless Indianapolis businesses and Indiana real estate buyers rely on Atlas World Group Inc. for their transportation and moving needs.

Atlas World Group Inc.
1212 St. George Rd
Evansville, IN 47711