Best Chairs Inc.

One of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world began right here in the Hoosier State, in the southern Indiana town of Ferdinand. In 1962, Ernest Prechtel and Clem Lange founded Best Chairs Inc. The company’s name reflected the goal of its founders, to produce the best quality chairs at the lowest possible cost.

In the beginning, business was slow, but by the end of their first decade in business, Best Chairs Inc. was manufacturing between 60 and 120 chairs each day. During the 1970s, Best Chairs Inc. saw constant growth and expansion. The company purchased a large manufacturing facility, began employing more people and started using computer technology for several business operations.

Best Chairs Inc.’s recliners and swivel rockers became the best sellers in the 1980s. The Professional Furniture Merchant Magazine named Best Chairs Inc. the top selling brand of 1985. Just a few years later, co-founder Clem Lange bought out the other co-founder Ernest Prechtel. This made Clem Lange the sole owner of Best Chairs Inc., and the family owns and operates the business to this day.

The 1990s was a decade for more expansion for Best Chairs Inc. Several competitors and suppliers were acquired by Best, and the business began to take over the market for chair manufacturing and sales in the midwest. Because of their tremendous success, the company began to diversify the product line by branching out into producing tables and sofas. In order to better represent the new product line, Best Chairs Inc. announced in 2004 that it would change its name to Best Home Furnishings. This made Best one of the largest Indiana private companies.

Best Chairs Inc. has a strict environmental commitment policy for decreasing environmental harm created by manufacturing. The business strives to promote an environmentally friendly workplace. The company has pledged to find new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the byproducts of manufacturing.

In order to better assist customers, Best Chairs Inc. developed an interactive customer Web site that shows product details. The price of its products are not listed online because all Best dealers are independently owned and operated, and they all set their own costs for customers. Best Chairs Inc. products can be found in furniture stores throughout the midwest, but the company never deals directly with customers. All of the sales are done through authorized dealers of Best products.

There are two major product lines that are currently being promoted by Best Chairs Inc., the Storytime Series and the Cabin Trails Series. The Storytime Series consists of home furniture and softer plush designs. The Cabin Trails Series consists of camouflage and camping furniture for cabins.

Today, Best Home Furnishings offers a full line of tables,  recliners, chairs, motion sofas, gliders, office and stationary sofas. Each of the Best fabrics and covers used on their products is available for purchase and several retailers. Countless Indianapolis living rooms are filled with Best Chairs Inc. furniture. The Best brand has earned a reputation throughout the Circle City for being one of the best in the industry for more than 45 years.

Best Chairs Inc.
1 Best Dr
Ferdinand, IN 47532